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April 20, 2022


  Garrett and Karin Bell: “Please pray for Garrett’s niece who was admitted to the hospital this morning (Sunday, April 17) with complications that doctors have yet to define. This is not the first time this happened. We just need prayers for answers to this.”

  Deborah Brown: “I am having surgery on April 22nd to remove blood clots and a cervical rib. I will be in the hospital for 5-7 days following. I would appreciate prayers that the surgery goes well and that the use of my right arm is restored. I am looking forward to getting this taken care of and being back with the body at Central. Thank you.”

  Follin Clark: “Thankful that though my grandmother had a bad fall, she didn’t break anything. Pray for her quick recovery.”

  Lisa Cooper: “I want to thank you all so much for your many prayers and concerns for me and my family throughout this past year. My uncle is recovering in rehab and doing quite well. PRAISE GOD!”

  Ronald Graham: “Please keep my uncle Bill in your prayers. He lives in Chicago. A couple of days ago the doctors discovered a growth on one of his kidneys please pray that it is not cancerous.”

  Barbara Hopkins: “I asked for prayers last week. You prayed and God heard you. I am improving. Thank you so much. Look forward to seeing you soon. Love.”

  John Kuhn Family: “Please continue to pray for Mindy Sims in her struggle with cancer. Please pray for our friend, Betsy Dee, and her family as her father died Sunday morning (April 17).”

  Stephanie Lewis: “Thank you for your prayers for my father, Stephen Nance, following his heart attack. He is home now and resting.”

  David Nance: “Prayer request from Kishore Etwaroo:

He said Cheryl had a problem with her shoulder on Sunday and couldn't sleep Monday or Tuesday nights. The doctor said it was dislocated and repositioned it for her, then sent her to Georgetown. There she is doing some physical therapy and hopefully everything should be good in a couple of weeks. She has had an ongoing problem with a spot on her back that appears to be slowly improving. Kishore asked for our prayers for her recovery."

  Tom Reynolds: “Please pray for Tim Davis as he commits his life to Christ in baptism (Sunday, April 17).”

  Mothers-In-Waiting: Sarah Phillips (5/5), Mishaella Ryans (7/7) and Breanna Baucum (7/13).

  Our Shut-ins: Greta Ashburn, Amelia Biser, Jamie Cole, Barbara Hopkins, Clyde Jones, Ted Moore, Mary Etta Neiland, LaVonne Norville, and Sheril Townsley

  Our Missionaries: Denisovs & Rahimovs (Tomsk, Russia), Kishore Etwaroo Family (Port Kaituma, Guyana), Carlos & Linda Eguizabal (Juayua & Salcoatitan, El Salvador) & YOU (Huntsville Area)


Our congratulations to Brandon and Jessica Ogle, who are the proud parents of a boy. Elijah "Eli" Brantley Ogle was born Wednesday, April 13, weighing 7 pounds. Allison May is excited about being a big sister.

Our congratulations to Joan Hacker (former member), who was blessed with being the great-grandmother of a girl. Evelyn Fay was born to Keaton and Laurel Shearin of Searcy, AR.



Dear Central Church Family,

On behalf of my mom and our whole family, thank you so much for all the support you have given us in the loss of my dad. I know many things happen “behind the scenes” that I may not know about but am thankful for it all.                                         Love,

Kay Carter

Dear Central Family,

We enjoyed the fruit basket and goodies that Juanita delivered from all of you. You are so good about sending encouraging cards and I have enjoyed everyone I have received. Keep up the good work. Your prayers have been so important. Thank you so much.


Barbara Hopkins


Couples Shower


Jamie Kuhn and Reid McNabb

Sunday, May 1st, 2:00 – 3:30 p.m.

Central Church of Christ

407 Clinton Avenue, East

Huntsville, Alabama 35801

Registered at Amazon Home Depot and Target

Baby Boy Shower


Adam & Breanna Baucum

Sunday, May 15th, 2-3:30 PM

Central Church of Christ

407 Clinton Avenue, East

Huntsville, Alabama 35801

Registered at


The elders have called the church to a time of prayer and fasting based in Scripture. They believe doing this together will increase our growth and maturity.

This week please read Matthew 6:9-13 and Psalm 1 and pray through it, asking God to guide us as we learn to pray like the psalmist. Also please dedicate one day this week to fast. During the fast, focus on the following three specific ideas:

1.   Recognize our need for God is greater than the need for anything else (food, cell phones, social media, or whatever else we depend on daily).

2.   Ask God to guide us in our own spiritual growth along with the growth of our family and others.

3.   Pray for the leaders at Central and for the Holy Spirit to guide them in the future direction of the church.


As we embark on this period of prayer and fasting, this week only, Monday to Friday, our Facebook Group will be hosting live prayer services at 7:00 a.m., noon, and 7:00 p.m. Each service will only be 10-minutes in length. If you want a prayer break, join us on Facebook!


March 9 through May 25

1.      The Power to Change the World: A Study of the Book of Acts (Library; Coordinator: Melinda Goad; Women only) – In person or Zoom

Zoom link:

2.      Growing in Personal Bible Study (Family Life Center; Teacher: Gregg Rigney) – In person or Zoom

Zoom link:

3.      Praise and Worship Gathering (Room 200; Coordinators: Daniel Alavi, Gerry Binford, and Rodney Keeton)



Cheryl and Kishore Etwaroo, our missionaries in Guyana, South America, plan to arrive the evening of June 13th and depart on July 5th. They fly into Birmingham and will be sleeping at the Ditto’s house. When they leave Huntsville, they will be driven to the Felton’s house in Greenville, NC. From Greenville, they plan to visit family in New York, then fly back to Guyana. A “Sign-Up” calendar is posted in the fellowship area. For more information, contact Ed Ditto.


As you may notice we have new countertops, sinks, and facets in our kitchen. In order to keep them nice, please use the guidelines below:

1)   To clean the new countertops, please use ONLY soap and warm water. DO NOT USE any abrasives. No Clorox.

2)   Use a hot pad or towel under all hot items.

3)   Use cutting boards.




Senior Sunday (during morning assembly)



Picture Day (See article.)



Ladies’ Class – Arrival and Fellowship 10:00 am; Bible Study 10:15 am



Picture Day (See article.)



Couples Shower Honoring Jamie Kuhn and Reid McNabb (See invitation. 2-3:30 pm)



Happy Times Program (7:00 pm)



Baby Shower Honoring Adam and Breanna Baucum (2:00-3:30 pm)



Make-Up Day for Picture Taking


Chair Set-Up – Garrett Bell’s Team

Counting – Yocus Jones’ Team

Ushering – Ryan Bell’s Team