Ladies Class
The ladies class originated over a decade ago for women who were married to non-Christians and for single mothers. However, over the years, both the purpose and breadth of participants have expanded. This class provides a Bible-based class with a LIFE Talk setting and welcomes ladies of all ages and situations. the general structure for class content is to alternate between OT and NT books, topics and ideas. However, prayer and sharing are also integral parts of the class.
Location: Library
Teacher(s): Kim Story/Sue Underwood
9:00 am

Singles Plus
This ministry is oriented toward those facing life-challenging recovery issues. This class works to apply the scriptures of life experiences in recovery and to discover spiritual wholeness in Christ. The class is outreach oriented with a special sensitvity to newcomers and those less schooled in the scriptures. In particular, this class includes the men from His Way plus others who have dealt with or are dealing with addictions. While the men of His Way are encouraged to attend, the class is open for all who seek a closer, more intimate relationship with God through Jesus and who are seeking a life of recovery in Jesus Christ. This class also includes a number who are committed to helping those in need.
Location: Room 205
Teacher(s): Clyde Jones/Tom Reynolds
9:00 am

Young & Married
This group is primarily oriented toward those who are married with young children. While this class does provide biblical instruction pertaining to marriage and child rearing, the class routinely addresses more general Scriptures and topics relevant to taking on an increasingly mature role in life.
Location: Room 219
Teacher(s): David and Suzie Nance
9:00 am

New Beginnings
Location: Room 208
Teacher(s): Jamie and Jan Burns
9:00 am

Adult III
This class consists mostly of adults with children in middle or high school, though some from other age groups also participate. The class is fundamentally designed to help class members grow in their individual faith and in their faith as couples and to give practical tools to help them with raising godly children.
Location: Room 210
Teacher(s): Ed Smith
9:00 am

Primarily serves young people of college age, whether they are enrolled in college or not. The class is open to all who have a heart to learn and grow, while helping others do the same. Many class participants are new Christians and/or workers within the campus ministry outreach. Each class session points in some way to Jesus life, death, burial, and resurrection.
Location: Room 200
Teacher(s): Bill Neiland/Gerry Binford
9:00 am

General Adult Class
The name of the general Bible class expresses both its purpose and its participants: a study of Bible texts for people of all ages.
Location: Auditorium
Teacher(s): Chip Jones
9:00 am


Saints and Sinners in a Fallen World
Location: Auditorium
Teacher(s): Various Speakers
7:00 pm