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July 18, 2021


We rejoice with the angels over the birth of a new brother. Kasey Dunscombe, a resident at His Way, was baptized Monday, July 12th. Please welcome and encourage him.


  Jennifer Funkhouser asks for prayers for her husband, Owen, who does not have a kidney stone, but has found out that he has 2 spots on his kidney. Please pray they are only simple cysts and that the Lord will heal him.

  Tom and Selwyn Reynolds: Manuel Estrada, a 2012, 2013 graduate of His Way, passed away Wednesday, July 13th, at the age of 33. Please keep his family and friends in prayer."

  Quita Williams: “Quita’s and Tajh’s (son of Linda Tyler) children, Ian and Aliya, both have been diagnosed with RSV. Aliya was admitted to Huntsville Hospital because of breathing issues. Ian was never admitted, but he still has a cough and keeps spiking random fever. (Update: Aliya was scheduled to go home Friday, July 16th.)

  Mothers-In-Waiting: Emilie Porter (1/6/2022)

  Our Shut-ins: Bobbye Ashley, Amelia Biser, Jamie Cole, Ted Moore, Johnny Powell, and Bill & Sherill Townsley.

  Our Missionaries: Denisovs & Rahimovs (Tomsk, Russia), Kishore Etwaroo Family (Port Kaituma, Guyana), Carlos & Linda Eguizabal (Juayua & Salcoatitan, El Salvador) & YOU (Huntsville Area)


Kedrian and I would like to thank each of you who came out and showered us in love for our upcoming wedding. Whether it was through a gift, hug, card, or prayer it was greatly appreciated. Please continue to pray for us as we walk through our engagement leading into our marriage as one. Your support and kindness are not overlooked. We love you all so very much.

With Love,

Selah (Sissy) Thompson and Kedrian Koger


Come-and-Go Baby Girl Shower

for Sean and Holly (Guthrie) Andino

Friday, August 6th from 4-6 pm.

Baby Esther Elizabeth is due in October.

They are registered at Amazon.


(New Series on Philippians)

Greetings, Church!

I am excited to announce our new series from the letter to the Philippians starting on July 18. This will be a 7-week study through the entire letter. However, my prayer is that this will be more than just another "study" and that God would use the sacred scriptures to convict our hearts of the true worth of "knowing Christ and the power of His resurrection."

For Paul, life IS the Messiah, the Risen Jesus. Therefore, something as harsh as death is viewed as a gain, an opportunity to be with Him. Paul also believed that if he was allowed to live beyond his house arrest, that the rest of his life would continue as "fruitful labor" for Christ.

In other words, Paul would be granted the opportunity to share in the story of Jesus by suffering and loving others more than himself.

Over the following weeks, my hope is for all of us to consider what these ideas and teachings mean for followers of Jesus today. What do these ideas and teachings mean for your life?

I'm eagerly praying for the Holy Spirit to captivate our hearts during the next few weeks.       

Grace and Peace,

Daniel Alavi


Summer Term 2021 – June 16 through September 1

Proverbs:  God’s Book on “How to Wise up and Live”

The gymnatorium will be available for those who want to participate in person, and a Zoom option will be available for those who want to participate online. Teacher: Ed Ditto

Zoom link:


Happy Times has a few openings for the 2021-2022 school year. Please tell family and friends about our school and excellent program. We offer small class sizes as well as affordable tuition. For more information and to schedule a visit, call Debbie Baucum, 256-509-6200. Thank you for your support and please pray for our ministry.


In the next few weeks, we will resume passing trays in the assembly for communion and contribution. For those who may be uncomfortable with this process, we will continue to have the prepackaged communion available at the door. For those who are unable to attend in person, we will have the prepackaged communion available in the office.


Chair Set-Up – Joel Moore’s Team

CountingYocus Jones’ Team

UsheringYocus Jones’ Team


July 11: Class – 174                                         Assembly – 242                                         Streaming Est – 68


Sunday, 7/11 – $18,799                                          Budget – $19,492                                Short – $693

YTD Contribution – $518,807                                 YTD Budget – $545,776                      Short – $26,970