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APRIL 12, 2020


  Canterburys: “Please continue your prayers for the recovery of Diana Groves (mother of our daughter-in-love, Tara). Diana had emergency surgery Sunday, March 29th. She was able to go home Friday, April 10th. Also pray for her husband, Andy, and Tara as they take care of her.”

  Please keep the Ben Clark Family in your prayers. Ben and Follin have COVID-19.

  Melinda Goad asks for continued prayers for her brother-in-law, Chris Brown. He had surgery Monday, April 6th, to remove a melanoma from his colon. Please pray that his next scan will show that they were able to remove all the melanoma.

  Dean and Sandy Oden thank you for your prayers for Daniel Chun (father of their daughter-in-love, Helen Oden). From The Oden: “He came home later that day, but had to go back to the hospital the next day with some bleeding issues. Please to continue to pray for his healing. Mr. Chun is the grandfather of our grandsons, Dean and Zach, who live with us.”

  Please keep Jim Phillips in your prayers. He is scheduled for surgery Wednesday, April 15th.

  Louise Williams asks us to please continue to pray for her cousin, Bettie Bumpas, in Somerset, New Jersey and Bettie’s daughters, Brenda and Clarissa.

  Our Shut-ins: Cindy Anderson, Lorraine Baker, Amelia Biser, Jamie Cole, James Hall, Martha Jones, Sally Mans, Johnny Powell, and Bill & Sherill Townsley.

  Mothers-In-Waiting: Amanda Coleman (6/12), Rachael Sherrill (6/13), Stephanie Clark (7/10), Angie Harrison (7/23), AND ???? (10/1) (Join us Sunday and find out during our closing prayer.)

  Our Missionaries: Denisovs & Rahimovs (Tomsk, Russia), Kishore Etwaroo Family (Port Kaituma, Guyana), Carlos & Linda Eguizabal (Juayua & Salcoatitan, El Salvador) & YOU (Huntsville Area)


Our congratulations to Vincent and Karen Doran, who are the proud grandparents of a boy. Harrison Brooks Doran was born Friday, April 3rd, weighing 7pounds, 14 ounces. Shane and Abby are the very excited parents.

Also our congratulations to Jonathan and Monica Dean (former members), who are the proud parents of twin boys. Judah Alexander and Jonah Michael were born Saturday, April 4th, weighing 4 lbs., 7 oz. and 5 lbs., 5 oz.


The baby shower honoring Amanda Baucum Coleman has been postponed till Sunday, May 17th. Not all details have been planned yet, but we will be celebrating baby girl on that day in whatever safe way we can! Ladies, please mark this down on your calendar.


Some of the class options have been updated. In particular, the hosts of Central Connections will meet tonight but the actual gatherings will begin next week. Please take advantage of one of these opportunities for fellowship and instruction. We look forward to seeing you!

1. BETTER - Hebrews Study (Ladies Only)

Melinda Goad and Heidi Haviland are continuing their class on the book of Hebrews using the Zoom application. This is an interactive forum that takes place on Wednesday nights at 7:00-8:00pm. This discussion-based class requires participants to do some weekly reading prior to class to get the most out of the study. Contact Heidi for additional details. Video participation requires a smartphone or a computer with a microphone, and videocam if you want to share your video. For those interested in being added to the electronic coordination list, please email Heidi Haviland (heidi.fuqua(-at-)

2. Central Connections – Begins this Wednesday, April 15

This forum enables several small groups to connect each week for spiritual conversations and to get to know one another better. Groups are currently being identified, and the number of groups will be determined by the number of participants. After the groups are formed, groups may self-organize around topics of interest such as concepts they are studying, passages they are personally reading, follow-up from Sunday’s lesson, and/or times of group prayer. If participants don’t have anything to discuss, the group leader will be prepared with something to share. These interactive forums will use the Zoom application. Participation requires a smartphone or a computer with videocam and microphone. Meetings nominally takes place on Wednesday nights at 7:00pm, but once groups are established, participants may set their own date and time. Each session will last 30 to 40 minutes. Each group will last for the duration of the month, and then new groups may be established. For those interested in being added to a Central Connections group, please email Pat Canterbury (pat(-at-) Instructions will be provided later how you will be associated with a group and how you can connect.

3. Prayer

Barrion Palmer plans to host a time for group prayer via video OR telephone. Video participation requires a smartphone or a computer with videocam and microphone. Anyone is welcome to participate beginning Wednesday at 7:00pm. To join, go to OR dial 1-646-749-3122 with passcode 668809877#.

4. Unschooled and Ordinary

David Nance and Loren Wisehart are continuing their class that looks at ordinary people and their encounters with Jesus. This is an interactive forum that takes place on Wednesday nights at 7:00pm. Participation requires a smartphone or a computer with videocam and microphone. To participate effectively in the next class, you will need in advance to have watched Episode 2 from “The Chosen,” a video series that is free online through April 30. To sign up for free, go to Or to download “The Chosen” app, go to To join the discussion, go to and enter the Meeting ID (784 365 247) and Password (014454).


Robert Wade is continuing his auditorium class on Jesus’s parables. Robert is using Central’s YouTube channel to present this class. The class airs online on Sundays at 9:00am, and the recording will remain online for subsequent on-demand access. The feed is accessible through the Media/Streaming tab on Central’s website. For those interested in being added to the electronic coordination list, please email Pat Canterbury (pat(-at-), and she will email the lesson materials ahead of class each week.


Individual prefilled communion cups are available at the church office. You may pick up as many as you need. (Please call – 256-534-0382 or 256-508-9404 before coming to make sure we are here.) When we leave the church office on Friday, we will leave some on the small wicker table on the church office porch. If you are unable to pick them up and would like some, please call (256-534-0382 or 256-508-9404) and we will have some brought to you.


Please pray for those on the Front-Line (Nurses, Doctors, Paramedics, Ambulance Drivers, Nursing Home, Pharmacists, Fire Department, Police Department, Military, etc.) with this virus and the patients. Some of these may be on furlough at the present moment, but may be called in.

Nina Bennett (New York City, NY) – Friend of Rachel Clark

Dot Bowen

RJ Bowen (Japan) – Son of Richard and Dot Bowen

Clint Brown – Grandson of Shirley Boutte

Babs Bruce’s daughter-in-law – Babs is a friend of Mary Callins

Baylee and Kasey – Neighbors of Joan Hacker

Victoria Campbell

Tina Cassmeyer (Georgetown, KY) – Submitted by Drue Wright

Rachel Clark – Works with Chloe Raum and visits Central

Corey Cook – Son of Russ and Vickie Cook

Brett Cravens – Former member

Captain Jon Cummings – Son-in-law of William and Janice Greenleaf

Willa Cummings – Daughter of William and Janice Greenleaf

Leah Doran Davis – Daughter of Vince and Karen Doran

Nandish Dayal (Portland, OR) – Son-in-law of Allen and Julia Wright

Shane Doran – Son of Vince and Karen Doran – Also his wife, Abby, who is pregnant and due to deliver any time

Vince Doran

Chiana Walker Evans

Dr James Gilbert – Colleague of Delois Smith

Holly Smith Gipson – Daughter of David and Doris Smith

Catherine Guthrie – Daughter of Mike and Dorothy Guthrie

Kyla Hale

Angie Harrison

Leesa Hartz – Aunt of Stephanie Lewis

Ashely Hazelman (Rochester, MN)  – Submitted by Drue Wright
Miah Hazelman (Denver, CO) – Submitted by Drue Wright

Stephanie Hill (Batesville, AR) – Submitted by Drue Wright

Reece Howell

Sarah Jarvis (Little Rock, AR) – Submitted by Drue Wright

LeKeith Kneeland (Memphis, TN) – Nephew of Dot Bowen, Mary Callins, and Bennie Thompson

Toni Kulpinsky – Daughter of Herb and Sue Underwood 

Lindsay Harbin Lamb – Former Member

Kristi LeBlanc (Metairie, LA) – Niece of Carrie Wisehart

David Lewis – Son of Tim Lewis

Steve Lowery

Tres Lowrance (Oklahoma City, OK) – Submitted by Drue Wright

Katie Marks – Works with Catherine Guthrie and visits Central

Matthew McCauley

Ana McReynolds (New Orleans, LA) – Allison Goad’s sister

Kelly Moreno

Martha Newman – Family friend of The Canterburys

Sarah Newman (Birmingham, AL) – Daughter of Brenda Newman

Sarah Goad Phillips – Daughter of Ed and Melinda Goad

Tracy Phillips

Ibukun Pickens

Hunter Platt (Batesville, AR) – Submitted by Drue Wright

Emilie Porter

Lora Porter

Chloe Raum

Hayden Richardson (Jacksonville, AL) – Former member

Van Riggins (Atlanta, GA) – Friend of Trevvor Clark

Doris Smith

Meghan Smith (Oregon) – Daughter of Ed and Delois Smith

BJ Thompson (Police) – Son of Bennie and Dorothea Thompson

Chelle Culver Thompson – Daughter of Nikki Holley

Dorothea Thompson

DréAndrea Thompson (VA in Birmingham) – Niece of Dot Bowen, Mary Callins, and Bennie Thompson

Victoria Underwood Clay (Kentucky) Granddaughter of Herb and Sue Underwood

Sarah Villegas (Gabon, West Africa) Friend of Heidi Haviland

Brandi Whitten, Daughter of Jo Whitten

Dr. William Woodall – Former member

Conilia Yobo – Niece of Dot Bowen, Mary Callins, and Bennie Thompson


Sunday, April 5th we had around 120 concurrent viewers.


Sunday, April 5, Contribution – $23,123            Budget – $20,699                                Over – $2,424

YTD Contribution – $264,993                              YTD Budget – $289,786                      Short – $24,793