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FEBRUARY 27, 2019

Those in the Hospital

  Please continue to pray for Grant B. Binford, nephew of Gerry Binford. The doctor had to do emergency surgery on him this morning.

  Anna Brown, wife of Charles, is in Huntsville Hospital with pneumonia. She may be able to go home today.

  Please keep Chazz Moye’s father, Rick Moye, in your prayers as Hospice has been called in.

  Jim Norville is recuperating at home after having surgery Tuesday morning, February 26th.

 Prayer Requests

  Allie: “Please pray for Kyla Cook.”

  Lorraine Baker: “God bless all my children.”

  Karin Bell: “Please be in prayer for me as I have my fourth of sixth professional exams next Monday, March 4th. Please pray for me this week to focus not on what my career could do for me, but what God could do with my career. Thank you to everyone for being supportive and understanding.”

  James Blackman: “Please pray for Justin Teilking, that he may find some peace in God and within himself.”

  Joni Blackman: “Please pray God will touch the hearts of the prosecution team who is opposing my brother coming to His Way. Please also pray for the struggles my sister is facing.”

  Jim Blue: “God, Our Father, please awaken the Holy Spirit within me to love all of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Help me to pass on the Holy Spirit to my two daughters so they also can live in You, Christ. Amen.”

  Stacey Condron: “Prayer request for my dentist, Dr. Coln, who recently underwent a double mastectomy. Please pray that God brings her comfort and healing; and for her family too.”

  Dittos: “Pray for Adam and Amber Woods as they labor among refugees in Greece.”

  Melanie Gibson: “My sister passed away. She was 44. She attended the North Jasper church of Christ. Pray for my loss and for my family. Pray also for my 2 abscess teeth, as I am in lots of pain. My insurance covers; I just have to get an appointment.”

  Eliza Jane Harrison: “I pray that my Gammy feels better.”

  Asher Keeton: “I went to Birmingham and played my hardest in my soccer games. We lost two and tied one. Thanks for praying for me. (P.S. I also want you to pray for Eva.)”

  John Kuhn: “Please keep us in prayers as we travel to Birmingham again tomorrow for a continuation of Gwenyth’s trial. Pray the Lord’s will be done. Thank you for praying for Tonda’s mother for her recent stay in the hospital for burns and pneumonia. She was released yesterday with weekly home health. Pray that she can avoid infection as she has a long healing journey ahead. Most importantly pray she will come to know Jesus personally.” (Update concerning Gwenyth’s trial…”waiting for the next step.”)

  D’Mitri Lewis: “Asking for prayers on behalf of one of our sisters for her friend. Her friend’s name is Nicholas Bullard. She says he is in desperate need of proper guidance and strong, spiritual male influence after losing his dad a while back. May Nicholas find that and ultimately seek the Lord’s wisdom.”

  Celia Moore: “My son Kyle and I will be flying to El Salvador to be with his wife, Stephany, as she graduates from her doctorate program in Santa Ana, El Salvador on February 27th.”

  LaVonne Norville: Jim is having surgery Tuesday morning (February 26th). Please pray it will go well and be successful.” (Update: Jim’s surgery went well. He is recuperating at home.)

  Ragan Pollard: “Request prayers: 1) a close friend who died, 2) miscarriage, and 3) to find a church family.”

  Tom Reynolds: “Thankful that my father’s hernia surgery went well. Pray for continued recovery.”

  Caleb Simmons: “My grandfather, Charlotte’s father had heart surgery Friday and they found a lot of blockage. He will have more heart surgery this week. Prayers for mom, grandma and grandpa, and for the surgery and recovery.”

  Minnie Teague: “Please continue to pray for Louis. He sends his love. He misses being here.”

  Bennie Thompson: “Please share this with the group regarding my recovery and a big thank you to the Sonrisers for the encouraging card and all those that sent meals my way. It was greatly appreciated....and filling!!! I see the burn specialist again Tuesday (February 26th) and would think I’d be released; however, my right ear is not progressing as the rest of the injury so I’m not exactly sure how that will go. At any rate I’m doing well and look to be up and about soon. Thanks for your continued support and love.”

  David Walls: “I pray for each and every one to increase our finance.”

  Jonah Wright: “I hope that people are safe from the flood in Huntsville.”

  Our Shut-ins: Cindy Anderson, Anna Brown, James Brown, Jamie Cole, Margie Gough, James Hall, Barbara Hopkins, Martha Jones, Sally Mans, Ted & Rosalie Moore, Johnny Powell, Louis Teague, Bennie Thompson, and Bill & Sherill Townsley.

  Mothers-To-Be: Jordan Gibbs (4/15)


Our sympathy is extended to Angela James (former member and sister of Regina Ralston), as her mother has passed. Pray for her comfort and peace. Sympathy cards may be sent to Angela at 5732 Foxfire Lane, Lohman Mo. 65053.

Thank You

Thank you for the cards, fruit basket and the phone calls. They all helped to cheer James up. But most of all thank you for your prayers. His heart rate is much better now.

Okhui Brown

Charles Dawson and the children of Childhaven wish to thank you for saving your clean, empty aluminum cans and placing them in the designated container in the back stairwell.

News from Ed Ditto in Guyana

David Nance and I are safely in Port Kaituma. The Etwaroo family is doing very well. Praying for you guys.

Wednesday Nights “Ask Me Anything” Series

TONIGHT – Moral Living as Christians

  Is it wrong for Christians to have opposite gender roommates/housemates?

  Is it wrong for my girlfriend/boyfriend to live in the same house if we don't sleep together?

  Is playing the lottery a sin? What about online gambling and slots machines?

  Why does the Church choose to avoid discussing the topic of sex and adultery (two topics) given the appropriate settings?

  Can I date and marry an unbeliever or someone of a different faith or denomination?  Is this being "unequally yoked" (2 Cor. 6:14)? 

Happy Times Openings

Happy Times is now taking registrations for the 2019-2020 school year. We have classes for 3 years old and Pre-K for 4 and 5 years old. For information about our program and tuition rates, call Debbie Baucum, 256-509-6200.

Nursery Servant Needed

Please contact Suzie Nance at drnance(-at-) or 256-653-2508 if you are able to serve in the nursery on Wednesday nights during the months of March through May.

From the Elders

As we continue on our “Journey” for the year, we want to thank Earl Lavender for being with us again and sharing his knowledge and wisdom on “My Abiding with the Holy Spirit.” One of the points he made was how the Holy Spirit is actively involved in the affairs of men, both the saved and the lost. For those who are lost, the Spirit moves in ways that, if and when they are open, points them toward those who can help them find the real meaning of life, which can only be      obtained through a relationship with God and his Son Jesus Christ (Acts 17—Paul’s speech to the Athenians). For Christians, the Spirit works daily in our lives, transforming and shaping our nature and character to that of God’s image and likeness. We are to be the “Living Water” that Jesus talks about in the gospel of John (John 4:11; 7:38) with an eternal message of God’s abundant love, gushing out from within us, providing others with the spiritual nutrients they need to know and serve Christ. An admonishing quote reminds us of the power of the Spirit actively living in us, “Live in such a way that those who know you, but don’t know God, will come to know God, because they know you.”

As we begin week 6 of the Journey Upward, we will be focusing on the following trait:

Christian Characteristic: “My Submission to Christ”

Key Word: Lord and Savior 

Memory Verse: John 20:28-29

Guiding Scriptures: See Week 6 in the “Upward Roadmap”

As we move further along the Upward path, “Submission to Christ” is another key aspect discussed in scripture. Before we can fully submit to Christ, it is important that we understand his authority and supremacy over our world and our individual lives. When we read the Bible, we are brought face to face with how he exhibited extraordinary power over nature (Mark 4:39), sickness and disease (John 9:1-6), sin and temptation (Matthew 4:1-11), and ultimately over death (John 11: 38-44). Only God in the flesh could carry out such remarkable feats, but the one miraculous deed that should truly humble us, and keep us in a constant state of submission, is when he willingly sacrificed his life on the cross to redeem and free us from the empty ways of this life (Hebrews 12: 1-3).  Because of this amazing act, on our behalf, he is worthy to be our Lord and Master and worthy to be obeyed.

May God continue to bless us all as we continue the journey.

The Elders,

Chip, Ed, and Richard 

A Post Yesterday from The Wood Family in Athens, Greece

“Getting the baptistery ready for our new Syrian brother. Glory to God!

March Team Servants

Ushers—Yocus Jones’ Team

Counting—Alan Moore’s Team

FLC Set Up—James Ryans’ Team




College – Friday Night Live (6:30 pm)



Teen Time (5:30-7:30 pm)



Ladies Bible Class (10:15 am)



College – Friday Night Live (6:30 pm)



Teen Time (5:30-7:30 pm)



Ladies Bible Class (10:15 am)



Ladies Bible Class Hosts Sonrisers’ Meal



HUGS (during morning assembly)



Teen Time (5:30-7:30 pm)



Teen Time (5:30-7:30 pm)



Ladies Bible Class (10:15 am)



College – Friday Night Live (6:30 pm)



Teen Time (5:30-7:30 pm)



Ladies Bible Class (10:15 am)



College – Friday Night Live (6:30 pm)

Men to Serve Sunday, March 3

Communion Thoughts: Rondell Crittenden

Serving: Jared Mosley, James Ryans, Jim Blue, Jonathan Goad, Justin Harrison, Andrew Baucum, Mike Baucum, D’Mitri Lewis

Prayer: Mike Lowery