November 2, 2022


We rejoice with the angels over the birth of a new brother. Josh Thomas, a resident of His Way, was baptized Thursday, October 27th. Please welcome and encourage him.



Ø  Nathan and Deborah Brown: “Please pray for Nathan and Deborah Brown and family. Nathan’s dad has fallen twice, broken a hip and an arm. He is now in the hospital in Decatur with severe anemia. Pray for good decisions and peace. Mr. Brown is 94. Also, Deborah’s parents were diagnosed with Covid on Thursday and have been very ill. Deborah’s dad was so weak his legs wouldn’t support him, and he fell. They seem to be doing better now. Please pray for their health, for peace, and that Deborah and Nathan stay well so they can continue caring for their much-loved parents. We love you all and appreciate your prayers!”

Ø  Lisa Cooper: “I ask for your prayers for my friend, Paula Henderson. She relapsed on alcohol and is now detoxing at home. Also, please pray for Steve Pockrus as his pain relief has disappeared. He’s in worse condition than before. Thank you all so very much.”

Ø  Betty Evans (former member) is in ICU, Bed 7 at Huntsville Hospital in Madison. Cards may be sent to her at 110 Autumn Wind Drive, Madison, AL 35758.

Ø  Nikki Holley: “Prayers of thanksgiving. My son, Byrion, is getting better (health wise). We found the cause of his leg issue (we believe).

Ø  John Kuhn Family: “Please continue to pray for Traci Browne as she continues through treatment for breast cancer. Also please continue to pray for Tina and Barrion Palmer as they walk through the loss of both of her parents in such a short time.”

Ø  Kathleen Lowery: “Praise be to God for answered prayers – lots of different prayers for lots of different reasons! Little baby Monroe was discharged on his 6 weeks birthday. He went home without any extra tubes or wires. And reflecting on a Christian life well lived in the passing of Mike’s mother.”

Ø  Marjie and Michael Nance: “Please pray for Marjie’s mom, Laurie Jarvis. She needs to have surgery, but insurance is not approving it. Please pray that they approve it very soon.”

Ø  Etienne Thomas: “I would like to accept prayers for blessings and anointment in these times of darkness. Thank you.”

Ø  Josh Thomas: “Just would like to give all glory to God for everything in my life now.”

Ø  Linda Tyler requests our prayers for 2 former van children, Kunta and Darneka Baker, in the passing of their mother, Dorothy Baker.

Ø  Denise and Jon Wilburn: “Please pray for the men and their families at His Way. To keep them strong and stay on the Lord’s path.”

Ø  Mothers-In-Waiting: Marjie Nance (1/2/23) and Kat Nambo (2/2023).

Ø  Our Shut-ins: Amelia Biser, Randall Biser, Jamie Cole, Fritz Nelson, and Sheril Townsley

Ø  Our Missionaries: Denisovs & Rahimovs (Tomsk, Russia), Kishore Etwaroo Family (Port Kaituma, Guyana), Carlos & Linda Eguizabal (Juayua & Salcoatitan, El Salvador) & YOU (Huntsville Area)



Our congratulations to Garrett and Karin Bell, who are the proud parents of a boy. Hardy William Bell was born Thursday, October 27th, weighing 7 pounds 12 ounces. Grandparents, Gerry and Freda Bjorkman, are so excited about the arrival of their grandson!


Our sympathy is extended to The Barrion Palmer Family in the passing of Tina’s mother, Dorothy Ellis, Thursday, October 27th. Mrs. Ellis’ funeral was Sunday in Hartselle, AL. Also, Barrion's grandmother, Norma Palmer, passed away Monday, October 31st. Mrs. Palmer was 102 years old and the member at the Blue Spring Road Church of Christ. No arrangements at the present time.

Our sympathy is also extended to The Lowery and Ray Families in the passing of Mike, Steve, and Rachel’s mother, Mary Ann Lowery, Saturday, October 29th. Visitation will be Friday, November 4th, from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. at the Meridianville church of Christ. The funeral will follow immediately at 12:00 p.m. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Agape of North Alabama or the local branch of the American Cancer Society.


Dear Central Family,

Thank you so very much for all the cards, flowers, prayers, food and all the love shown to me. Please keep the prayers coming because I know after 48 years of marriage, losing my best friend will be the most difficult time in my life. Please pray I remember the wonderful place he is now and that I will see him again. I praise God that we can all see our loved ones again.

Joy McKee




Roll out the red carpet for the Golden Age of Hollywood!

The cinematic celebration begins at 11:30 AM on Saturday, November 5th

in the Family Life Center at Central Church of Christ.

If you so desire, dress in your red carpet glam

for this star-studded soiree.



Ladies, please join us for a baby shower honoring

Marjie Nance

Sunday, November 13th, 2:00-3:30 p.m.

Central Church of Christ

407 Clinton Avenue, East

Huntsville, Alabama 35801

Registered at Amazon and Target


Fall Term: September 7 through November 30 (Thanksgiving Devo on Nov 23)

1.   1 & 2 Samuel (Family Life Center and Online; Teachers: Robert Wade and others) In-person or Zoom.

Zoom link:

2.   Romans, Part 1 (Women Only; Library and Online; Facilitator: Melinda Goad) In-person or Zoom.

Zoom link:


Fall Term: September 11 through November 27

1.   Redemption and New Creation (Family Life Center)

2.   Women’s Ministry (Library; Coordinators: Sue Underwood and Kim Story)



This Sunday is Mission Emphasis. Barrion Palmer will be speaking on some mission efforts in the Philippines. David Nance will be sharing about the work in Guyana and El Salvador, and Jim Norville will be talking about the work in Russia.



This series follows an exploration of God and His character by acknowledging our enemy and his hold in our lives and this world. The set is staged by introducing the idea of spiritual beings and reinforcing the spiritual vision that we must develop in order to accept God’s victory and resist our enemy. The Satan is established as the head of this rebellion, but his limitations and defeat are made apparent through Scriptures and the victory of our Lord, Jesus Christ. It is God who conquers the enemy, not humans, but he has given us abundant wisdom on how to address temptation, persecution, and injustice in our daily walks.

Theme Scripture: Ephesians 6:10-13






November 13

An Introduction: The Struggle is Real

Mike Lowery


November 20

The Enemy and His Rule

Rondell Crittenden


November 27

God’s Authority and Victory Over the Spiritual Realm

Allen Wright


December 4

Our Response to Temptation

James Ryans


December 11

Our Response to Persecution

Ed Ditto


December 18

Our Response to Other’s Sins

Jim Norville


If you could prepare the communion for December, please sign the list in the kitchen. Contact Jim Phillips for more information.

Reminders to Guyana Pen/Prayer Pals, November 1, 2022

(a ministry of Tuesday Ladies Bible Class)

If you attended the Prayer Pal luncheon on June 21, and received a Guyana Prayer Pal, I hope you have written to her by now. Maybe you received a response at your address. Also, Cheryl Etwaroo has sent a packet of letters from Guyana and you could receive a letter from this packet. Letters will be distributed at the Ladies class on Tuesday. However, whether you receive a response or not, please plan to write another letter in November and/or December. It is a great season for sharing and encouraging and for the main focus of this ministry: Praying for the requests of your Guyana sister and asking her to pray for you.

If you do not have a Pen/Prayer Pal and would like one, see Janice Greenleaf. Cheryl has sent a list of 5 more ladies at the church In Port Kaituma who would like to get to know you and be involved in prayer with you. Ladies class offers a writing guide with suggestions about introducing yourself, making prayer requests and offering to pray for your Pal’s requests. Even an example of how to address your letter to Port Kaituma is given. Let us hear from you.

Thank you,

Janice Greenleaf


As has been announced the Praise and Harmony Workshop will be January 13-15 at Central. This workshop is for everyone. You do not need to know music theory or be able to read music. The workshop is structured so we can learn songs by listening which is the way most of us learned. Between now and January we need to be preparing for the workshop. Beginning next Wednesday, October 26, from 6 pm til 7 pm in the Old Auditorium will begin learning new songs. We would also ask that the LIFE Talks, all various ministries, families and individuals use your time together for preparation. To aid in this process everyone will have access to the Praise and Harmony website free of charge for the next 3 months. Below are the instructions and access code to the Praise and Harmony website. Also listed below are the songs we will be learning.

Instructions for Praise and Harmony Website

The 3-month coupon code for Huntsville is: HUNTSVILLE3MO

This code will be valid through December 31, 2022. This is NOT a Gift Card code. Use this code to sign up for THREE FREE MONTHS of PERSONAL MONTHLY ($12.99/month); code can be applied on the payment ("Complete Order") page. NOTE: Recommend entering your code first (right side of page), then enter payment information (left side of page).

NOTE: All subscriptions begin with a 3-day free trial. Once the first 3 days have passed, your coupon code will activate, giving you 3 free months. After 3 months, your account will automatically switch to the full price monthly subscription UNLESS you cancel beforehand.

Important: Make sure you apply your code on the payment page. If you skip the payment page or leave it incomplete, the system will not give you a chance to apply your code later. Also, you MUST sign up on the website ( If you try to sign up through a smartphone and/or TV app, you will be routed to a third-party payment system which DOES NOT provide a place to enter a coupon code.

Songs for Singing Class TODAY at 6:00 in the auditorium

Title                                                    Category

“In Need”                                           Faithful God

“Who You Say I Am”                         Resurrecting God


Chair Set-Up – Joel Moore’s Team

Counting – Matthew McCauley’s Team

Ushering – Yocus Jones’ Team




College – FNL (6:30 pm)



Harvest Banquet (11:30 am See article.)



Daylight Savings Times Ends



Teen Time (Teen House – 5:30-7:00 pm)



Tuesday A.M. Women’s Study (10:00 am)



Women’s Study hosting meal for Sonrisers (10:00 am)



College – FNL (6:30 pm)



Baby Shower Honoring Marjie Nance (2:00-3:30 pm)



Tuesday A.M. Women’s Study (10:00 am)



Sonrisers’ Thanksgiving Meal (10:00 am)



Teen Time (Teen House – 5:30-7:00 pm)



Thanksgiving Devotional (7:00 pm)



Office Closed for Thanksgiving Holidays



Teen Time (Teen House – 5:30-7:00 pm)