AUGUST 21, 2019

Prayer Requests

Ø  Lorraine Baker: “God bless my son, Dana, and all my children.”

Ø  Kya Brown: “Praying for college students returning to UAH this week and to remain a beacon of light representing the campus ministry.”

Ø  Stacey and Patrick Condron: “Prayers of thanksgiving – our friend Scott Wright is recovering from his surgery. He had a brain aneurysm – and had a stint put in. Coming home sooner than expected. Praise God!”

Ø  Claudia Ford: “Prayers for our dad that his appointment at Vanderbilt will have positive results. We go on Wednesday.”

Ø  Lilli Karlin:Robert White – Healing in hospital. Ginny Kate – for healing from aneurysm. Andrew – For healing from headaches. Angela – strength.”

Ø  John Kuhn Family: “Please continue to pray for Anthony’s biological father as he suffers with lung cancer. Pray he comes to a relationship with Jesus. Rose’s address at Harding is: Rose Kuhn, Box 13442, 915 E. Market Ave., Searcy, AR 72149-3442. She would love it if people would send her pictures of their family so that she can put them up around her dorm and be surrounded by family.”

Ø  Stephanie Lewis: “My grandmother, Barbara Hilliard, fell at her home Saturday night (August 17th) and fractured her back. Please pray for her as she recovers.”

Ø  Lance Moore: “Prayer that God may bless me and my family with a job where my gifts and talents may be used in the best way for His glory.”

Ø  Dean and Sandy Oden: “Our grandson, Jonathan Oden, suffered an allergic reaction so severe, that he was hospitalized and put on a ventilator. He is breathing on his own now; and sleeping – please pray for his continued recovery. Thank you.”

Ø  Jim and Tracy Phillips: “Thank you, Lord, for examples like Herb and Sue Underwood. Congratulations to them on their 65th wedding anniversary.”

Ø  Brandon Powell: “Pray for Kenneth (a driver of His Way) for the passing and burial of his mother.”

Ø  Please keep Lee Strickland in your prayers as he will be having some health testing on Friday, August 23rd, in Birmingham.

Ø  Jonah Wright: “I pray that my grandma feels better.”

Ø  Our Shut-ins: Cindy Anderson, Amelia Biser, Jamie Cole, James Hall, Martha Jones, Sally Mans,  Johnny Powell, Louis Teague, and Bill & Sherill Townsley.

Ø  Mother In Waiting: ChaKaya Bowen (11/2)

Thank You

Ø  Tim, Beth, Nicole, and Brandon Bentley: “Thank you so much for your out pouring of love and support during this very difficult time. It truly has made the sorrow easier to bear.”

Ø  Daniel and Allison Goad: “Thank you to Johnny Kuhn, David, Michael, and Joseph Nance, Bryan Haviland, Garrett Bell, Nathanael and Christopher Wade, and Alex Coleman for helping move HEAVY couches for the “Hearing from Family” class on Wednesday nights! We appreciate you!!”

Ø  William Greenleaf: “Thank you for all the prayers for Janice’s hearing. Please continue to pray as she takes medicine.”

Ø  Lauren Hilbert: “Note of thanks to Central Family for all the support as I navigate low income, under-employment and weather ongoing health challenges. The emails, postcards and acknowledge of my spiritual birthday, etc. are so appreciated.”

Ø  David Walls: “I thank the church on keeping me on the right path.”

Ø  Terri Williams: “I just want to express my true gratitude and sincere appreciation for Central for accepting my family into yours. Thank you for the prayers and assistance in my time of need. Although life is still hard, my Central family makes it feel bearable. Thank you©!”

Ø Loren Wisehart:Carrie and I thank God for her improved health after a month not feeling well and after a particularly challenging week. We are so grateful to God for the concern so many of you have shown.”

From The Elders

Last week our journey took us a little further in our OUTWARD focus, and looked at ways to develop our compassion for those who are suffering. We studied Matthew 25 where Jesus makes the point that lack of compassion for people around us is the same as if we were ignoring Jesus himself! His listeners at the time were upset and responded, “When did we see you in need?” Jesus wanted them to pay attention to the plight of others. 

So we should look beyond our daily struggles and have compassion for the suffering around us.  The word compassion in English comes from the root word that means “to suffer with.” So we should try to develop a relationship with others where we can get to know them, and share in our blessings and our struggles. As we take action, we will learn more about the suffering in this world, and ways to respond as followers of Christ.

This week, we have been considering ways to reach out to others by inviting them to join us in normal activities. Over the years, my family has always invited people to our family gatherings, such as birthdays, Thanksgiving, or Christmas meals. In these events, they could get to know us, and hopefully allow us to share the gospel with them. Some of these invitations were to other Christians that we didn’t know very well, and these gatherings allowed us to encourage each other in our work in God’s kingdom.

Jesus addressed situations like this in Luke 14:13, But when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed. Although they cannot repay you, you will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous. So look for ways to share God’s blessings with others in need. Not just folks that we are naturally attracted to, or have lots of things in common with, but a wide variety of people.

Along this same theme of reaching Outward, this week’s key word is “remember.” Continue to remember those in prison, as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering (Hebrews 13:3). We need to remember others who are suffering as a result of living a righteous life. Fortunately, we are blessed in the country we live in not to be subject to severe persecution for being a Christian, but it can happen. There are definitely other places in the world where Christians are persecuted today. We need to pray for those who are suffering, and learn about other cultures and the plight of the persecuted wherever it may happen.

This week, let us look for ways to take action, and ways to get involved in the plight of the persecuted. We have several people in our congregation who are actively involved in this area.  We should encourage them in their ministry, pray for God’s will to be done, and in the process, learn more about how God is working every day in our lives. Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 5:10).

From the elders

Chip, Ed, and Richard 

“Hearing from Family” Summer Series - Wednesday Night Adult Class in the Gym

TONIGHT — Wrap Up/Conclusion

Tuesday Ladies Class

Tuesday Ladies Class, Fall Session will begin September 3rd, 10:15 in Room 113. The topic inspired by Lysa Terkeurst's It is Not Supposed to Be This Way is: Walking With God Through Life's Difficulties. (Childcare for preschool children is provided.)

Nursery and Toddler Workers Needed

Infant and Toddler Nursery workers are needed for morning assembly for Sundays. Please sign up on the schedule posted outside the Nursery and the Toddler B classroom. Thank you. If you have any questions, please contact Cathy Farless (256-509-3541).

Meal Preparations For Friday Night Live

The sign-up list to prepare meals for the college ministry at their FNLs is posted inside the kitchen area. LIFE Talks or individuals, please sign up. Thanks. Any questions contact Carla Campbell (256-882-6449).

Next Wednesday, August 28th

On Wednesday, August 28th, during class time we will be having our Elementary Summer Program in the auditorium at 7:00 p.m. There will be NO classes that night. Please be here at 6:30 for our devotional, then enjoy as our elementary children share a little about what they have been doing this summer.



2019 Central Women's Retreat

“Becoming A Vessel God Can Use: Bringing Our Lives More In Line With the Will of God”

September 6-7, 2019

Stone Bridge Farm, Cullman, AL

Registration currently in progress in the fellowship area.

Only eight more opportunities left to register. 

Closing date is Wednesday, September 4

NOTE:  Friday overnight stay will accommodate ONLY THE FIRST 62, due to limited bed

            space. However, if/when we reach that limit, others who wish to stay overnight, are welcome to bring a sleeping bag/air mattress.

August Team Servants

Ushers—Alex Coleman’s Team

Counting—Matthew McCauley’s Team

FLC Set Up—Justin Harrison’s Team

Nursery—Rachel and Emma McCauley

Need Contact Information

Please contact (email, text, or phone call) and let the church office know your phone number, address, etc. if you or your child are in college away from Huntsville. We would like to encourage them while they are away from us.

Also, if you have moved or changed phone numbers, please let the church office know.

We are trying our best to keep the database current.




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HUGS (during morning assembly)



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Men To Serve Sunday, August 25

Communion Thoughts: Darryl Floyd

Serving: Joseph Nance, David Nance, Devin Crittenden, Tristan Henderson, Dana Mercier, Andy Trapane, Larry Rice, Matthew Wright

Prayer: Jim Ashburn