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December 15, 2021


We rejoice with the angels over the birth of a new brother. Patrick King, a resident at His Way, was baptized Tuesday, December 7th. Please welcome and encourage him.


  Jim Ashburn: “A friend and I will be meeting a mutual friend today to have a hard talk about his substance abuse. I have read the Prodigal Son story to him a couple of times in recent months. Please pray that he too is ready to come home. His family misses him terribly.”

  Kay Carter: “My mother, Sheril Townsley, is still in Huntsville Hospital, Room 631, but doing well.” (Update: Sheril is now recuperating at her home.)

  Please continue to pray for Sonja Eads’ mother, Sandy Rager. She is in Room 500 at Valley View Rehabilitation Center on Wall Triana in Madison, AL. Cards may be sent to her at The Eads' address: 104 Sawrock Drive, Madison, AL 35756.

  Lisa Cooper: “Pray for my son, Dalton’s salvation and for my brother’s compete healing.”

  Melanie Gipson: “It is an emotional time coming back here for me filled full of love.”

  Terri Jones: “Please pray for my mom, Deborah Ratcliff, she tested positive for COVID and cannot be vaccinated due to her M.S. treatment. Also, that we will be unable to see her at Christmas and for safe travels to and from Orlando.”

  Carol Kuhn: “Please continue to pray for our sweet granddaughter, Jamie, who is in Huntsville Hospital recovering from a severe car accident Thursday. Please also pray for her sister, Rose, at Harding University. She has had an allergic reaction; plus, finals this week and she is concerned for her sister.”

  Kuhn Family: “Jamie Kuhn was in a bad car accident Thursday night (December 9th) and sustained serious injuries which required a 2-hour surgery. The surgery was more intensive than they thought. She is stable, but still has other issues being monitored. Please keep her and the family in prayer as she is looking at a long road to recovery.”

  Louise Williams: “Please add my brother, Sylvester Powell, to the prayer list. He had problems with his heart and stomach and was in the hospital until last Friday (December 10).  He was transferred to a nursing home/rehab facility and was not able to attend our dad's funeral service last Saturday. Sylvester appeared to be doing better when we saw him on Sunday.”

  Allen and Julia Wright: “News from the Hussains. Aiyana had a gymnastics accident last night (Monday, December 13) and fractured her elbow. She is in the hospital and will have surgery today (Tuesday, December 14). She is doing fine and should be home tonight.” (Update: Aiyana’s is recuperating at home after having a successful surgery last night.)

  Mothers-In-Waiting: Emilie Porter (1/6/2022), Stephany Moore (3/5/2022), and Rachael Sherrill (4/11/2022)

  Our Shut-ins: Amelia Biser, Jamie Cole, Clyde Jones, Ted Moore, Mary Etta Neiland, and Bill & Sheril Townsley.

  Our Missionaries: Denisovs & Rahimovs (Tomsk, Russia), Kishore Etwaroo Family (Port Kaituma, Guyana), Carlos & Linda Eguizabal (Juayua & Salcoatitan, El Salvador) & YOU (Huntsville Area)


Need servants willing to do childcare on Sundays during assembly. Please contact Suzie Nance (Drnance(-at-) or 256-653-2508) and let her know the dates you would be able to cover.


Thank you for the love shown after the death of my sweet mama.


Karen Doran

Central Family,

My dad, Johnny Powell, was finally put to rest in Gouldtown Memorial Garden in New Jersey next to my mom on Saturday, December 11.

Thank you all who prayed for us, sent cards, plants, participated and attended the service at Berryhill, and my LIFE Talk for the food they provided for our family in Alabama.

We are grateful to be part of a loving family of God's wonderful people!


Louise Williams


Central Family, please join us in welcoming Rose Farias (Jim and Tracy Phillips’ foster daughter) to the Central Family. We will have a Walk-Through Welcome in Room 200 after assembly on Sunday, December 19th. Gifts are not required but if you feel the urge to purchase something, Rose wears size 6X or 7. Thanks so much and looking forward to seeing everyone.

Barrion Palmer and Ali Wisehart


Russ and Vickie Cook: Big thanks to the youth group for the bag of goodies we picked up Thursday (December 9) at Sonrisers. What a thoughtful gift.

John and Joyce Davis: A very special thank you goes to our church youth group for the bag of goodies we found on our porch this afternoon. Thank you all so much!

Joan Palmer would like to thank the teens for their visit and Christmas goodies.

David and Mary Williams: Many thanks to Brenda Wade and Grace and Kaylee for their Christmas visit and goodies. David appreciated their visit and the prayer that was offered by one of the sweet girls.  


Thank you to everyone who picked an Angel from our Angel Tree. Please return all wrapped gifts with the Angel’s number on it by TONIGHT (December 15). If you have any questions, please contact Juanita Crittenden.


The communion preparation list for signing up for a month in 2022 is posted in the kitchen. This is one of those behind-the-scenes acts-of-service that is appreciated by everyone. Questions – contact Jim Phillips 256-417-8202.


The Church Office will be closed Friday, December 24, till Monday, January 3, for the Holidays. As always, anyone of them may be reached on their cell phone. Hope you all have a very Happy Holiday!!!


2022 Central Marriage Retreat

Join us at the Joe Wheeler State Park in 2022 and enjoy time connecting with other couples while strengthening your marriage.

Theme: We Are in This Together – Couple, Family, Church, God

Date/Location: February 11 – 12 at Joe Wheeler State Park Lodge

Speakers: Well Known Speakers

Registration: Begins early December; Ends mid-January.

Suggested donation: $100 per couple (Donations not required but appreciated.) Assistance by providing scholarship money will be appreciated.

All meals are on your own.


Harry Ellett (one of our shut-ins) will celebrate his birthday Wednesday, December 22nd. Please send him at card – 1320 Monte Sano Blvd, Huntsville, AL 35801.


Our congratulations to Ed and Sharon Ditto, who celebrated their 54th anniversary Thursday, December 23rd. Thank you for your example to us.


December 5 through February 27

1.   The Story of Redemption (Gymnasium; Coordinator: Loren Wisehart)

This series presents the biblical account of the human problem, salvation, and a new life in Jesus Christ. Beginning with creation, the class follows the “big picture” storyline of the Bible as it finds meaning and completion in Jesus.

Each week, participants are invited to arrive early for fellowship. Upon entering the gymnasium, participants will be assisted in finding a small group. After a call to order and welcome, all groups will watch a 5-10 minute video. Once the video is done, groups will read a Bible passage related to the video, discuss questions, and pray for one another. Groups will wrap up at 9:45 am in order to move chairs into place for the large assembly which begins at 10:15 am. Zoom link:

2.   Women’s Ministry (Library; Coordinators: Sue Underwood and Kim Story)

This class provides Bible-based content in a LIFE Talk setting and is set up to minister to women who are the head of their household and women whose husbands are not Christians. Women of all ages and situations are welcome who wish to participate in this ministry. The class is generally organized to alternate between Old Testament and New Testament books, topics, and ideas. However, prayer and sharing are also integral parts of the class. As participants begin to apply the teaching to their own lives, they are invited to openly share burdens with one another. This is so that others who have walked that path previously can share their own experience and wisdom in how to face that situation faithfully. While two ladies provide the principal oversight for the class, a number of ladies from within the class will be encouraged to lead individual sessions, usually a week or two at a time.



In the Old Testament, God made some amazing promises to people like Abraham, Israel, and David. These promises established how God related with His people for centuries. In the New Testament, we find that not only do Christians inherit some of these promises, but they provide hope that is an anchor for our souls (Hebrews 6:19). In this mini-series, we will examine some of these promises and explore how they remain relevant for our lives today. This class can either be in-person in the Family Life Center or join in on Zoom. Zoom link:

The Generational Discipleship class will pick back up on January 5. Other classes will also be provided as well. More details to come!


Chair Set-Up – Garrett Bell’s Team

Counting – Alan Moore’s Team

Ushering – Ryan Bell’s Team