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DECEMBER 9, 2018


We rejoice over the new birth of Tia Smith, a college student, who was baptized Saturday, December 1st. Please welcome and encourage her.


  Cards of encouragement may be sent to Merle Gowen, 28205 Gatlin Road, Ardmore, AL 35739.

  Rob Hensley, a resident at His Way is still in a hospital in Indiana after being in a bad car accident last week. Cards/notes of encouragement may be sent to Rob Hensley, 7429 Park Street, NE, Lanesville, IN 47136.

  Mother-To-Be: Jordan Gibbs (4/15/19)

  Our Shut-ins: Cindy Anderson, Bobbye Ashley, Roosevelt Augustus, Jamie Cole, Viola Drappier, Margie Gough, James Hall, Martha Jones, Sally Mans, Ted & Rosalie Moore, Johnny Powell, Louis Teague, Bill & Sherill Townley, and Mary Williams


  Cindy Anderson’s biopsy showed her mass to be benign. She was able to go back to the nursing home.

  Tom Reynolds asks that we send sympathy cards to Jerimie Hughes’ sister, Brandy Milburn, 14159 Pulaski Pike, Ardmore, Alabama 35739. Jerimie passed away Friday, November 28th.

  Mothers-To-Be: Jordan Gibbs (4/15/19)

  Missionaries: The Denisovs, Phil Lowery, and The Rahimovs – Tomsk, Russia, The Etwaroos – Guyana, Dwaine and Charlotte Simmons – Juayúa, El Salvador, and YOU – Huntsville Area


Please bring your wrapped gift with the Angel tag on it and place on the table in the Fellowship Hall by Sunday, December 16th. If you have any questions, please contact Juanita Crittenden.


Our Sonrisers will have their last meeting for 2018 with their Holiday Meal this Thursday, December 13th. They will return to their normal LIFE Talk on Thursday, January 10, 2019.

Central church of Christ

2019 Marriage Retreat

February 8 – 10, 2019

Joe Wheeler State Park

(4401 McLean Dr, Rogersville, AL 35652)

*Suggested donation amount: $85/couple


JANUARY 18TH – 21ST, 2019

The campus ministry's annual Family Vacation Retreat is here again.  However, due to the damage caused by Hurricane Michael, the normal venue in Panama City Beach is unavailable this year. Instead, the event will be at the Camden on the Lake Resort in Lake Ozark, MO.  This year's theme is Generations Reunion WeekendThis year is special – it’s our 10th anniversary, and we’re inviting not only current college students to attend, but alumni as well.  As last year, those Central teens who are juniors and seniors are also invited to join and the campus ministry will help sponsor those that want to go.  There will be a teen track with breakout classes designed for them.  Rodney, our youth minister, will be going to aid in leading the trip.  We really hope this will be well attended by our teens, college, and alumni.  The cost is $80 per person including a $20 deposit when you sign up.  Note that cash will also need to be taken to cover meals.  If you have any questions, interested in going, or interested in helping someone to go that is financially unable, please contact D’Mitri Lewis (904-887-4006).


The following is the schedule for Central’s classes over the upcoming holidays.

Christmas: Sunday classes are planned to run as usual both before and after Christmas. On Wednesday, December 26th, the night after Christmas, adult and children’s classes alike will not meet in order to support a devotional in the old auditorium. New Year: All classes are planned to run as usual.

If teachers will be out of town or think their class attendance will be small on one of these days, they may make special arrangements for their class (e.g., have prayer time; combine classes with another group; etc.).


  TODAY (after morning assembly) – Cookie Day for 7th – 12th Graders. No Teen Time tonight.

  December 31, 2018 (7:00 pm) – January 1, 2019 (7:00 am) – Lock-In. Bring snack foods to share and $3.00 for pizza.


The winter term Wednesday-night classes will be conducted in the old auditorium. The two primary themes include the Bible itself and what the Bible teaches as a whole. The term will be comprised of two back-to-back short series.

Part 1:  December 5, 2018 through January 16, 2019

“How We Got the Bible” – A 6-hour look at 3500 years of Bible history that points toward Jesus as revealed by the Holy Spirit

Why do we have the Bible anyway? Do we know who wrote the Bible or when? What is a manuscript? Do we have any of the original manuscripts? If not, how do we know what God really wanted said? Are there really variances in the manuscripts from which the Bible is translated? What is the best translation?

The Lord willing, this will be a 6-week series presented by Ed Ditto.

Part 2:  January 23, 2019 through February 27, 2019

“Ask Me Anything” – A 6-week Q&A-style series intended to facilitate deeper understanding of what the Bible as a whole teaches about questions of interest to Central’s members

The “How We Got the Bible” series provides reasons for confidence that the Bible is God’s word. God’s word (and NOT human tradition) is the authority for the church and Christian living. The “Ask Me Anything” series is an opportunity to apply what the Bible as a whole says about topics of contemporary interest.

The first week of “Ask Me Anything” will begin with moderators from Central’s Adult Education Committee (AEC) briefly explaining in more depth the purpose of the series and setting ground rules for class discussion. A typical night in this series will consist of moderators fielding questions to the class and facilitating class discussion of what the Bible teaches about those questions. To provide some preparation time for prayer and study, an initial set of questions will be requested ahead of time. Questions may address theological, ethical, or practical concerns, such as, “What does the Bible say about…?”; “Does the Bible permit Christians to…?”; and “Why do we do…?” Once an initial set of questions is received and collected, the congregation will be provided that list so that individuals may come prepared to discuss. Depending on the number of questions received, the moderators may not have time to field every question over the series. Moreover, some topics may require multiple weeks, perhaps with initial discussion one week with follow-up in later weeks. Also, please note that the moderators may slightly revise some questions or combine multiple questions to address a category of questions together.

From now through Sunday, December 16, please provide your written questions to Pat Canterbury either in hardcopy or by email (pat(-at-)  Pat will compile the list of questions and provide them to the moderators to provide back out to the congregation by Sunday, December 23. Keep in mind that these questions are intended to seed the discussion. More questions will be welcomed as the series gets underway.


USHERS – Alex Coleman’s Team

COUNTING – Alan Moore’s Team

FLC SET UP Jared Mosley’s Team

NURSERY – Anna Mosley, Julie Meyer, and Carrie Arnold




Teens – Cookie Day (after assembly See article.)



Elementary Holiday Party (5:30 pm)



NO Teen Time



HUGS (during assembly)



Angel Tree gifts due back (See article.)



NO Teen Time



NO Teen Time



Teen – Lock-In (7:00 pm - 7:00 am)



NO Teen Time (5:30-7:30 pm)



Sonrisers will meet (10:15 am)



Teen Time (5:30 - 7:30 pm)



College and 11th and 12th Graders – Family Vacation Retreat (See article.)



Darryl Floyd

D’Mitri Lewis, Mike Lowery, Travis Bowen, Tristan Henderson, Dana Mercier, Walter Franklin, Alex Coleman, Jim Phillips


Loren Wisehart