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SEPTEMBER 18, 2019


  Mary Bell: “Please continue to pray that I do well in my audition for Winifred Banks in Mary Poppins! Auditions are 21-22 of September.”

  Please keep the James and Joni Blackman and Joni’s sister, Ashley Terrell, in your prayers. Joni and Ashley’s father, Alan Wharton , was taken to the hospital for pneumonia. He found out that he has lung cancer with a lesion in one lymph node and it has spread to his bones.

  Okhui Brown: “I will travel to South Korea for visiting family next week for 3 weeks. Please pray for telling them about Jesus Christ.”

  Canterburys: “Prayer of thankfulness: Thanking God that no one was in the gym when the tree fell Wednesday. Thankful for Greg Bragg for coming to the rescue so quickly. Thankful for all those helping to get us back to some normalcy. We are so blessed. Thank you for taking us on this journey together.”

  Stephanie Clark:Praise: Trevvor passed all 4 sections of his CPA exam on his first try! So thankful we can now move on to whatever God has planned for our family next. Prayer: For Trevvor’s mom as she flies back to Japan on Tuesday to teacher English.”

  Stacey Condron: “Pray for my friend, Catherine Long. She has cancer and is in the hospital. Pray for her peace and comfort and for her son, Evan, who is a college student and her main caregiver. Please give him strength to endure his schooling, job, and taking care of his mother.”

  Dittos: “Pray for the safety of the people who work on our gym, especially the tree guys. Pray for our church leaders in this decision time.”

  Please keep Dorothy Guthrie in your prayers as she was having some health difficulties yesterday.

  Nikki Holley: “Continued prayers for the families and our BROTHERS AND SISTERS in the Bahamas. They have food and water, but nowhere to shelter from the elements. They are not asking to come to the U.S. They just need our help.”

  Phil Lowery: “Thanksgiving for the safe arrival of my fiancé, Arina Drygval.”

  Steve and Karen Lowery: “We are thankful for two answered prayers from last week. 1) Arina, Phil’s fiancé, safely arrived from Russia and is with us this morning. 2) We prayed for Arina’s God-father, who was terminally ill. This week he was taken off Hospice and is significantly better.”

  Dana Mercier: “My X’s friend’s son surgery. Pray for a speedy recovery. His name is Mitchell Stafford.”

  David Nance: “Please keep Kishore and Cheryl in your prayers. They are dealing with on-going issues about suicide in the community and helping families with Godly counsel.”

  Jackie Richardson is in Crestwood Hospital, Room 407 after suffering a stroke. She will be going to Encompass Rehabilitation soon.

  Minnie Teague: “Please continue to pray for Louis. He sends his love; he misses being here.”

  Hannah Wisehart: “I pray Mary Carolyne gets the role of Mrs. Banks in her school’s Mary Poppins.”

  Jonah Wright: “I pray for Julia Wright and her migraines.”

  Our Shut-ins: Cindy Anderson, Amelia Biser, Jamie Cole, James Hall, Martha Jones, Sally Mans,  Johnny Powell, Louis Teague, Bill & Sherill Townsley, and Doyal Wright.

  Our Missionaries: The Denisovs and the Rahimovs (Tomsk, Russia), Kishore Etwaroo Family (Port Kaituma, Guyana), Carlos and Linda Eguizabal (Juayua and Salcoatitan, El Salvador) and YOU (Huntsville Area)

  Mother In Waiting: Kaya Bowen (11/2)


Our sympathy is extended to:

  The Richard Bowen Family in the passing of his sister, Mary Bowen, Thursday, September 12th. Her funeral will be Saturday, September 21st, at 11:00 a.m. at the Tuskegee University Chapel, 1200 W. Montgomery Road, Tuskegee, Alabama 36088.

  The Greg Cornelius Family in the passing of Kara’s grandmother, Judy Grace, who passed away Saturday, September 14th. Her memorial will be tomorrow from 5:00 to 8:00 at Tates Chapel Baptist Church, 2760 County Road 26, Centre, AL 35960.


We want to thank Kelly Moreno, who did an outstanding job organizing our “Opportunity Sunday” event Sunday, September 8th. Our thanks as well to the brothers and sisters who served as resources at the various booths informing us about activities we can be involved in to reach our community. God has blessed us individually and collectively, with gifts and talents that we can use to honor and glorify him. Our prayer is that the discussions and inputs shared by all who participated were beneficial, encouraging and helpful. Perhaps this will spark other thoughts and ideas of other ways we can impact our community and our world for God. Secondly, we want to thank Jim Norville for his challenging message on tough decisions we are sometimes called to make to share the gospel with others, and the blessing we receive as a result of those decisions. We live in a world that provides us with many good things when viewed from a worldly perspective, but those things cannot satisfy—they are only temporary. But, a relationship with God and with his people, provides us with truth, stability, and security in this life, and eternal life with God in the life to come. If we are willing to leave our old way of life and old relationships and embrace the new Way (God’s way) of life, he is able to use us as beacons of light to spread his message of love and redemption to the world.

The Journey characteristic for this week is “Compassion and concern for the weary and burdened, whether rich, middle class, or poor.” During his ministry on earth, Jesus came into contact with people from every age and class; young and old, rich and poor, educated and not educated, and those from all racial and cultural backgrounds. His message of compassion and concern was always the same. He wanted them (and us) to know that he was sent here by his father to bring hope through re-establishing a personal relationship with him and his father (God). He also let them know that he could take care of all of their burdens, and give them true rest and peace. All of these blessings are possible when we partner with him, putting on his yoke, and walking with, him side by side, through the challenges and struggles of this life. (Read Matt. 11:1-ff.) 

Key Words: Rest and Soul       

Memory Verse: Matthew 11:28-29  

May the same love and compassion that brought Jesus here, and motivated him to serve and give his life as a ransom, be the overwhelming reason and motivation for our service to God.  

The Elders,

Chip, Ed, and Richard


Infant and Toddler Nursery workers are needed for morning assembly for Sundays. Please sign up on the schedule posted outside the Nursery and the Toddler B classroom. Thank you. If you have any questions, please contact Cathy Farless (256-509-3541).


All ladies are invited to

a Bridal Shower honoring

Chiana Walker

This Sunday, September 22nd

2:00—3:30 p.m.

Central church of Christ Fellowship Hall

Chiana is registered at Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Target, and Wal-Mart. 


The elders and members of the Advisory Integration Group (AIG), met and discussed several options presented to us regarding Our Journey together, rebuilding of the Family Life Center, and other ways of assembling together on Sunday morning to encourage and build faith during the forced relocation of our assemblies. As it now stands, we believe that it is best for us remain in one location and assemble in the old auditorium. We have assessed the seating capacity of the auditorium and with a few minor modifications, there should be enough space available to comfortably accommodate 350 – 370 people, which matches our current attendance records. This will require the removal of walls where two alcoves are located, at rear of the auditorium and update these areas with better audio and video capabilities. These changes will be done immediately with the expectation that they will be available in a few weeks.

We will continue to discuss other options for expansion in case for overflow, as well as looking for ways to ensure that everyone is able to attend and enjoy the assemblies with comfort and ease. We would ask that everyone be patient and look for ways that we can assist, encourage and grow in our unity and consideration of each other’s needs as we meet together.


Dr. Theodore Sabir is the featured speaker for the Family Gathering scheduled for Sunday evening September 29. His late father established a preaching school associated with the local churches of Christ in Pakistan. His talk will provide information on how the Gospel is being shared with people in Pakistan, and the growth of the Lord’s church as it experiences persecution. Dr. Sabir is currently a biochemistry professor at Faulkner University in Montgomery, Alabama. 

This is very timely, as during the Outward part of Our Journey, we are exploring the Christian Characteristic, Lifting Up the Persecuted Christians. Our memory verse from the week of August 18 was: Remember...those who are mistreated [because of Christ] as if you yourselves were suffering (Hebrews 13:3). The focus was on the persecuted in foreign lands. Lord willing, at the morning assembly on September 29 we will consider persecution, this time in our home land. The memory verse is Matthew 5:10, Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness . . . .  Matthew 5:11 continues, Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.

Please make a special effort to be a part of this important gathering.

PLEASE NOTE THESE CHANGES: Due to the heavy storm damage to our gym, we will NOT have the meal together on September 29 as previously announced. Also, the start time has been changed to 6:00 PM.


The sign-up list to prepare meals for the college ministry at their FNLs (Friday Night Live) is posted inside of the kitchen area. LIFE Talks or individuals, please sign up. Thanks. Any questions contact Carla Campbell (256-882-6449).


If you have a teen and are not receiving emails from Rodney Keeton concerning teen news, please send your email address to rodney(-at-)


Ushers—James Ryans’ Team

Counting—Alan Moore’s Team

FLC Set Up—James Ryans’ Team




College – Spades Tournament (6:30 pm)



Bridal Shower Honoring Chiana Walker (2-3:30 pm See article.)



Teen Time (5:30-7:30 pm)



Ladies’ Bible Class (10:00 am)



College—FNL (6:30 pm)



Family Gathering (6:00 pm See article.)

CYG Fusion (4:30-7:30 pm)



Ladies’ Bible Class (10:00 am)



College – FNL (6:30 pm)



Jack & Jill Wedding Shower Honoring Christopher Ashburn and Sara Roibal

(2:00-4:00 pm)



Teens and Their Families Potluck after morning assembly (game day)



College – FNL (6:30 pm)



Jack & Jill Wedding Shower Honoring Chris Campbell and Victoria Black

(3:00-4:30 pm)

CYG Fusion (4:30-7:30 pm)



Ladies’ Bible Class (10:00 am)


Communion Thoughts: Neal Nixon

Serving: Lee Raum, James Ryans, Roosevelt Augustus, Lee Strickland, Tony Callins, Loren Wisehart, Rondell Crittenden, Matthew Wright

Prayer: Jared Mosley