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JUNE 12, 2019

Prayer Requests

  Lorraine Baker: “God bless all my children. Please pray for Christie.”

  Ben Clark: “Please pray for my Aunt Phyllis and her recovery after an emergency room visit for dehydration and a possible stroke.”

  Melanie Gipson: “Prayers for my son, Joseph, to make it in his own apartment for the first time – financial prayer. Prayer for a couple I know in a personal way.”

  Robbie Griffin: “My 83-year-old father is having a kidney procedure tomorrow (Monday, June 10th). I would appreciate prayers on his behalf. Also, he is not a believer. Please pray for his soul.” (Update: “The doctor was very pleased with the outcome. They kept hi overnight for observation, but he is home and seems to be doing well.”)

  Jennifer Kuhn: “1) I’m thankful for everything Mr. Richard Brown does to help take care of this church. And I’m very thankful for his guidance. 2) I’m thankful for everything Mr. Elliott has done to lead me to be more like Christ. You are truly unforgettable. 3) Thank you to Mr. Allen Wright for the amazing sermons he does. And we really miss you when you go to Fiji, but we know you’re serving the Lord. 4) I’m thankful for everything Mr. Graham Ray has done to help with Hands Free Work Camp. He made sure that we had nice food to eat every day, and without him Work Camp wouldn’t even be possible. 5) Thank you, Mr. Steve, for everything you do in the church – from teaching a bunch of 5th graders to cutting the grass in the lawn. Thank you. 6) I pray for my mom to get better from her knee surgery. ”

  Jenny Kuhn and Hannah Wisehart: “1) Thank you, Aunt Suzie, for everything you do for the church and the teen group. It really helps! We love you! You are AMAZING! 2) Thank you, D’Mitri, for helping so much with the teen group and the college ministry. You help so much, and we will really miss you. Whenever we see you, you encourage us with hugs and kind words. We LOVE YOU!”

  D’Mitri Lewis: “My dear family here at Central…I am eternally grateful to GOD for every one of you and the honor it’s been working and growing alongside you!! I will miss you SO MUCH! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!! Please keep me in your prayers and hearts (as I will do with you) as the LORD uses me elsewhere…and may we delight in HIS plans to continually advance HIS Kingdom and spread HIS glory through US!JJJJ

  Anne Martin: “Pray for Zach’s continued recovery.”

  Zach Miskelly: “Pray for my grandmother and mother.”

  Lance and Jodi Moore: “Please pray that God gives researchers the wisdom required to find a cure of Multiple Sclerosis(MS).”

  Amy Nance: “1) Please pray for Hector, Rachel, and all the Cortezes because their new house in Knoxville was crashed into by a car running off the road. 2) Thank you, Mr. Jon and Mrs. Pat Canterbury, for all the hard work and rough jobs that you do. You do a marvelous job! 3) Thank you, Caleb Miller and Anna Grace Bingham, for being our interns. I know it is a tough job, but you guys do an amazing job! Thank you! 4) Thank you, Mr. Loren Wisehart, for all the teaching, planning, and organizing you do. You put a whole lot of effort into all the things you do. Thank you for setting a great example. 5) Thank you, Mrs. Carrie, for serving at Hands Free Work Camp with the food. It was delicious! Thank you for helping with the nursery and all the things you do with the church.”

  Amy Nance and Hannah Wisehart: “At Hands Free Work Camp, Mrs. Terri Apgar helped so much organizing breakfast and maintaining a wonderful smile and a positive attitude even though that job is tiring. She is so helpful, and we LOVE her. Thank you!!!”

  Barrion Palmer:Ms. Mary Etta is not feeling well and requests prayers for healing.”

  Grant Ralph asks us to pray for his uncle, Inzer Finch. He is in a hospital in Tennessee with an ulcer in his leg. If it does not clear up, the doctor will have to amputate.

  Tom Reynolds: “Pray for the comfort of Andre Kruger’s family in the passing of his grandmother, Betty.”

  Melia Romine: “Please pray for my cousin, Chris Hopper. He is in the hospital with extreme pain and liver problems and cellulitis. Pray for healing.”

  Peter Romine: “Prayers for April Chischilly – a colleague with stomach cancer.”

  Toshiko Wingard: “Please keep Andrew Kruger, a former His Way resident, and his family in your prayers as he lost his grandmother this weekend.”

  Hannah Wisehart: “1) Thank you so much, Mr. Earl Lavender, for coming and teaching us. I LOVE hearing you talk, and your lessons are AMAZING! Thank you. 2) Pray for Mrs. Tonda Kuhn and that her knee will heal soon! 3) I wanted to say thank you to Mrs. Chloe Raum for making the communion bread every week and for helping out with Hands Free Work Camp. 4) Thank you to Mr. Rodney and Mr. Wess for putting on Hands Free Work Camp. 5) Please bless the Metzger Family (some friends from school). Their house caught fire Wednesday afternoon (June 5). They lost everything, including 2 dogs in the fire, but I am thankful that nobody else got hurt. And I pray that they can make it through this hard time.”

  Demetria West: “Everyone, please pray for my family. We lost our uncle Saturday, June 8th.”

  Our Shut-ins: Cindy Anderson, Amelia Biser, Jamie Cole, Margie Gough, James Hall, Martha Jones, Carol Kuhn, Tonda Kuhn, Sally Mans, Ted & Rosalie Moore, Johnny Powell, Louis Teague, and Bill & Sherill Townsley.

  Mothers In Waiting: Eva Mitchell (8/28)

Thank You

A big thank you to everyone who helped with the cornbread and beans meal Sunday night, June 9th. All of the food was delicious and the fellowship even better. A special thanks to Jared Mosley and his crew for setting up the tables and chairs in the FLC, Nathan Brown for getting the mics and all the AV items together, Rodney for helping with the mics, Pati Dobbs, Toshiko Wingard, Charlie Hopkins, Eric Harper, Jayvon Hawthorne, Carlos Lagunas, and Jon Canterbury for helping to set up the food lines, drink table, ice, lemonade, etc. As you can see it takes a LARGE FAMILY to get things together!

All Central Ladies

Your help and support are needed.

Delois Smith, Central Women's Committee (CWC), current chair, needs your assistance on a retreat committee to round out plans for the retreat.

 We have the date, time and place; finalizing plans for the speaker and need your individual talents, as supporting ligaments, to make it a great success.

Contact Delois, as soon as possible, at smithdelois465(-at-), or call her at (256) 852-8787.


Nursery Workers Needed

Please sign up on the list outside of the Nursery door to serve during our morning assembly.


From the Elders

This past week we completed the first part of the Inward portion of Our Journey 2019. Inward is about "Our Life Together in God's Family." So far, we have had:

·        An introduction to the Inward series by Earl Lavender wherein he addressed "Belonging to All the Others" (Romans 12:4-5). This is a powerful thought in a time that Earl referred to as "Radical Individualism," which says , "I don't need anybody but myself. I can be self-existing."

·        Then came "Our Life Together - Our Commitment to One Another" (Weeks 2-6), composed of a set of five Christian Characteristics. These Characteristics are critical to the congregational environment (or ethos) and are essential for meaningful practice of the one-another scriptures. Our prayer is that we are committed to maintaining such an environment.  Otherwise, our life together will be greatly compromised.  These Characteristics are:

    Being Christ Centered

    Keeping the Unity of the Spirit

    Living an Open and Righteous Life

    Being Devoted to My Community of Believers

    Standing Firm on Biblical Truths

Sunday, June 9th, we began the second part of Inward with "Our Life Together—A Robust Community" Life (Weeks 7-15). Why is this important? Our life together is a witness to the world (John 13:34-35). Further, it was God's intent that the church be relational like parts of the physical body and functional like a family. This is the part of Our Journey where we consider body life and the practice of the one another scriptures. We very much appreciated Earl Lavender, who joined us Sunday for the kickoff of this part of Inward. The key verse is 1 Peter 2:9 and 2:4-5. Also, much of the Letter to the Hebrew Christians is about a new priesthood under the new high priest, Jesus, the Christ. Earl began addressing this matter in our combined classes this morning and will be continuing during our assembly. 

Christian Characteristic: "A Community of Ministering Priests."

Key Words: Royal Priesthood                          

Memory Verse: 1 Peter 2:9

Some questions to ponder over this week:

·        Is this role of being a "ministering priest" assigned to a select few or to everyone?

·        Can you envision yourself in this role in the kingdom/family of God?

·        What thoughts do you have about assuming this role? Do you see this as being humbling? Exciting? Breathtaking? Intimidating? Confusing? Not for me?

·        How does the priesthood of all believers relate to finding your place in God's story?

In the upcoming weeks, Lord willing, we will be considering Characteristics about the functioning of the church and the inherent relational nature of the church (functions like a body and relates like a family) and diligent practice of the  one-another scriptures, which are the hallmarks of the robust body life. 

Continue to pray for Our Journey 2019. Pray that we will end the year with at closer walk with our Heavenly Father and the Son, renewed in spirit, greater cohesiveness and unity and strengthened in our faith.                                                   The elders,

Chip, Ed and Richard 

Directory Update

  Dwaine Simmons’ new cell phone number is 256-808-4893 and Charlotte’s is 256-444-5496.

“Hearing from Family”

Summer Series

On Wednesday nights this summer, all adults will meet in the gym for a “fireside chat style” presentation designed to allow members of the congregation from various backgrounds and generations to share their experiences with regards to each week’s topic of focus.

You are invited to bring your dinner and eat together in the gym any time, starting at 6 p.m. on Wednesday nights. This is not an essential part of the class, but rather, an additional period to fellowship. “Journey Thoughts” will take place at 6:30, and children/teachers will be dismissed for the Summer Program at 7 p.m.

The purpose of this class is to showcase the experiences of those from various backgrounds and celebrate that we are all united as family because of Christ. This class will provide an opportunity to grow in love and understanding for one another, and to appreciate how our experiences shape our perspectives.

One couple will serve as the “hosts” of each week. The “hosts” will simply fill the roles of interviewers of the “guests” who will share their experiences regarding the following topics.


June 12— Intro to Class: How did you arrive at Central?

June 19 — Faith in the Workplace

June 26 — Faith in the Family

July 3 — Singing Service

July 10 — Faith in Social Media/Entertainment

July 17 — Doubts/Questioning of Faith

July 24 — Resolving Conflicts Between Christians

July 31 — Impactful Moments in Your Faith 

August 7 — Discipleship/Mentoring

August 14 — Faith Through Pain and Suffering

August 21 — Wrap Up/Conclusion 

New Central Missionaries

Carlos and Linda Eguizabal are carrying on the work in Juayua and Salcoatitan, El Salvador. They are partially supported by Central and are under the oversight of Central. Our summer mission groups will be continuing to work with them, and Dwaine and Charlotte Simmons hope to visit at least once each year. Please put them on your prayer list.

Preschool Needs

Need someone willing to sub in one of the preschool classes for a few weeks this summer. Please contact Suzie Nance for more information. Drnance(-at-) or 256-653-2508.

Also, please consider making a year-long (or at least a quarter-long) commitment to the preschool department beginning in September of this year so that we can give those who have served so diligently the opportunity to attend classes. Our school year runs September to August. Quarters run Sept-Nov, Dec-Feb, Mar-May, Jun-Aug. Even if you know you will be out some, we will find a sub for you as long as you let us know. Consider sitting in on one of the classes to learn more about how to teach and help.

Thanks and please talk to Suzie or Barrion for more information.

June Team Servants

Ushers—Ronald Graham’s Team

Counting—Alan Moore’s Team

FLC Set Up—Jared Mosley’s Team




Impact Junior



College – Cookout at The Binfords (1:00 pm)



Impact Senior



Junior High – Higher Grounds (6:00-9:00 pm)



HUGS (during morning assembly)



Teen Time (5:30-8:00 pm)



Teens – Higher Grounds (6:00-10:00 pm)



College – Game Night at The Canterburys (6:30 pm)



Family Gathering (5:30-7:30 pm)



Teens – Higher Grounds (6:00-10:00 pm)



Teen Time (5:30-8:00 pm)



Teens – Higher Grounds (6:00-10:00 pm)



College – FNL

Men to Serve Sunday, June 16

Communion Thoughts: Barrion Palmer

 Serving: Joseph Nance, David Nance, Joel Moore, Jonathan Goad, Lee Strickland, Andy Trapane, Ryan Bell, Al Jones

Prayer: Tom Reynolds