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MAY 22, 2019


We welcome Owen and Jennifer Funkhouser and their children, Kathryn “Ryn” and Malakai “Kai”. They met with the elders and expressed that they would like to work and fellowship with us. 

In the Hospital

  Deb Hughes is in Huntsville Hospital, Room 744.

  Carol Kuhn is in Huntsville Hospital, Room 522, after having knee replacement surgery Tuesday, May 21st.

  Tonda Kuhn is in Huntsville Hospital, Room 527, after having knee replacement surgery today.

Prayer Requests

  Chris Baker and Ashley Potter: “Please pray that we can find the right home to rent sooner than later, but in God’s timing of course.” (Update: The home is for after Chris and Ashley are married. They are engaged.)

  Lorraine Baker: “God bless all my children. Bless everyone in my apartment building. They need it.”

  Follin Clark: “Please pray for Christina, our neighbor, who is suffering the effects of a concussion.”

  Dittos: “Pray that God’s will will be upheld in the decisions of our elected officials.”

  Georgia Grochowalski: “Thank you all for the prayers for my granddaughter, Serenity. She is back home now and went back to school on Tuesday.”

  Clay Kuhn: “I hope all the people who don’t believe, believe in God.”

  Bill Kuhn: “1. My sister, Geri, needs your prayers for her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being. 2) Prayers for Carol’s and Tonda’s knee surgery on Tuesday and Wednesday.” (Update: Both surgeries (Carol’s and Tonda’s) went well.

  Ryan McClure: “Please pray for my brother, Aaron. He has a court date next month.”

  Jodi Moore: “Pray for my husband, Lance, and for me for patience and perseverance.”

  Dean and Sandy Oden: “Please pray for all of the teachers from Harding University, who will be traveling to Israel and Egypt for classroom studies. They will be gone several weeks.”

  Joan Palmer: “My sister, Betty Kirklin, will have surgery for blockage of blood vessel in her leg this week. Pray for healing, successful results, and continuing faithfulness in Christ. Thanks.”

  Don and Janice Phillips: “Friend, Eileen Sessions, caregiver for husband, Doyle, now has health problems of own. They have no offspring to care for them. Pray for health and good spirits.”

  David Walls: “I pray good things to do.”

  Drue Wright:Tristan Henderson broke his leg last night and had surgery around 2 a.m. He is in Women and Children’s Hospital.” (Update: Tristan is recuperating at home.)

  Jonah Wright: “I pray that my brother’s leg feels better.”

  Our Shut-ins: Cindy Anderson, Jamie Cole, Margie Gough, James Hall, Deb Hughes, Martha Jones, Sally Mans, Ted & Rosalie Moore, Johnny Powell, Louis Teague, and Bill & Sherill Townsley.

  Mothers In Waiting: Eva Mitchell (8/28)


Our sympathy to Carolyn Atnip, visitor and friend of Lee Strickland, whose brother from Kentucky passed away. Notes of sympathy may be sent to Carolyn at 102 Costal Road, Hazel Green, Alabama 35750.

From the Elders

This past week we focused our attention on the Christian characteristic of “Unity,” and as Allen stated in his sermon, we must do our best to maintain the Unity of the Spirit, through the bond of peace. We should remember, on daily basis, the price Christ paid for us to receive this amazing gift. Unity, in face of diversity, is and will always be a challenge for us, because the world tends to lean toward disunity and disharmony. However, when God is allowed to take full control of our lives, he creates in us a new spirit that strives for oneness and unity like that between he and his Son (Jesus). 

This coming week our Christian characteristic is, “Living an open and righteous life.” When God created man, his intentions were for us to be holy and righteous, and to reflect two of the most important characteristics of his nature (I Thessalonians 4:3-8). This holiness is something that the world should see in us and be convicted by it, as Peter says, “Live such good lives among the pagans that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day he visits us” (I Peter 2:12). Secondly, and no less important, is practicing holiness within the church, the body of Christ. Paul, in Titus, reminds the Christians about the grace of God which has appeared, bringing salvation (Jesus). The purpose of this grace is to: 1) train us to renounce ungodliness and worldly passions, and 2) live self-controlled, upright, and Godly lives in the present age (Titus 2:11-14). These qualities, when practiced with each other, will lead us to a deeper and greater appreciation and love for one another. We must recognize that just as a child needs a parent’s guidance, or an athlete needs a coach’s instruction, or a student a teacher’s direction, we know that we can’t make it through this journey of life without each other. Through this mutual dependence we can reach our full potential as we rely on the guidance and instruction of God. 

This often-quoted poem should encourage us as we consider how we can live open and righteous lives for God this week: Live Your Creed

I’d rather see a sermon than to hear one any day.
I’d rather one walk with me than just to show the way.
The eye is a better pupil and more willing than the ear.
Advice may be misleading, but examples are always clear.
And the very best of teachers are the ones who live their creed,
For to see good put into action is what everybody needs.
I can soon learn to do it, if you let me see it done.
I can watch your hand in motion, but your tongue too fast may run.
And the lectures you deliver may be very fine and true,
But I’d rather get my lesson by observing what you do.
For I may misunderstand you and the fine advice you give,
But there’s no misunderstanding how you act and how you live.

Author: Langston Hughes

As we continue the Journey Inward, we will be focusing on the following trait:

Christian Characteristic:  Living an open and righteous life

Key Words: Good Lives    

Memory Verse: 1 Peter 2:12

May God continue to shower his blessings on us all as we discover and, in some cases, re-discover what it means to love our neighbor as we love ourselves in meaningful and practical ways.                                      

The Elders,

Chip, Ed, and Richard


HUGS, a ministry for 3 years old through kindergarten, will meet Sunday, June 2nd.

Thank You

Dear Church Family,

Thank you for the beautiful Peace Lily and the many cards of condolence for the passing of Gerry’s father. We truly appreciate the warm words of comfort and the prayers from such a caring community of believers.                                                      In His Love,

The Bjorkmans 

Back to the Future

Some of you reading this will remember when Central had “cornbread meals.” We would gather as a family, eat cornbread, and contribute the cost of a meal to assist those of our family who are not as blessed. As we progress on our Journey Together we are focusing on INWARD – belonging to one another. What better way to express our belonging to one another than to share of our abundance with those who are not as fortunate. On June 9, Earl Lavender will be with us again. He will be teaching a combined Bible class (teens and up) at 9 am and share a lesson with us at the assembly. That evening at 5 pm we will have a cornbread and beans meal and share with one another—please bring cornbread and/or beans. The Red Box will be available for your contributions. After our meal together, Earl will be having another Q&A time beginning at 6:00 and ending at 7:30. 

Help Needed

The following are some needs for the Teen Ministry:

1.      Housing for our male teen intern for the summer. He gets here Saturday.

2.      Drivers and Chaperones for the Teens’ Summer Kick-Off trip to Cincinnati, Ohio, which is scheduled for Tuesday – Wednesday, May 28 – 29.

3.      Workers for Hands Free Work Camp:

A.     Van Drivers and/or Group Leaders

            8:30—1:00 every day

            1:00—5:00 every day

B.      Kitchen Helpers—morning and afternoon— Some LIFE Talks are providing desserts or food items. Would you like to?

Please contact Rodney Keeton (256-520-9196) if you can help with any of these events.

Come and Celebrate with The Pickens

Chris and Ibukun Pickens would like to invite you to the YMCA, 130 Park Square Lane, Madison, Alabama 35758 to celebrate the 1st birthdays of their twin sons, Emmanuel and Samuel, Saturday, May 25th, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.

May Team Servants

Ushers—James Ryans’ Team

Counting—Matthew McCauley’s Team

FLC Set Up—Joel Moore’s Team

Nursery—Sherri and Sija Headrick (May 26)




Teens – Summer Kick-Off (See article under “Help Needed”.)



HUGS (during morning assembly)



Handsfree Workcamp (See article.)



Elementary Summer Program Begins



Combined classes – Teens and Up (9:00 am)



Fellowship Meal (5:00 pm)



Q&A with Earl Lavender (6:00-7:30 pm)



Teens – Higher Grounds (6:00-10:00 pm)



Impact Junior



Impact Senior



Junior High – Higher Grounds (6:00-9:00 pm)



HUGS (during morning assembly)



Teen Time (5:30-8:00 pm)



Teens – Higher Grounds (6:00-10:00 pm)



Family Gathering (5:30-7:30 pm)

Men to Serve Sunday, May 26

Communion Thoughts: Larry Rice

Serving: Jay Campbell, Jared McCall, Aqueel Moss, Ben Clark, Tristan Henderson, Dana Mercier,    Tony Callins, Jim Phillips

Prayer: Barrion Palmer