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March 21, 2021


We rejoice with the angels over the birth of two new brothers. Cody Moore (left) was baptized Friday, March 12th, and Jon Cothren (right), was baptized on Monday, March 15th. Both are residents at His Way. Please welcome and encourage our newest brothers.


  Please keep Lee Strickland in your prayers. He is now at home. No visitors at this time.

  Our Shut-ins: Bobbye Ashley, Amelia Biser, Deborah Brown, Jamie Cole, Claudia Ford, Joan Hacker, Rachel Johnson, Ted Moore, Dean Oden, Johnny Powell, Lee Strickland, and Bill & Sherill Townsley.

  Mothers-In-Waiting: Heidi Haviland (5/5) and Anna Mosley (5/17).

  Our Missionaries: Denisovs & Rahimovs (Tomsk, Russia), Kishore Etwaroo Family (Port Kaituma, Guyana), Carlos & Linda Eguizabal (Juayua & Salcoatitan, El Salvador) & YOU (Huntsville Area)


Our congratulations to Mark and Caroline Lowery, who are the proud parents of a girl. Daisy Piper was born Monday, March 15th, weighing 9 pounds. Her big sister, Alice, and grandparents, Scott and Terri Apgar and Steve and Karen Lowery, are excited to have her home.


I give thanks to our God and to all you good people here at Central church. For all your prayers for my recovery from pneumonia, for calls and cards, and for wonderful food and visits. I am much better but please continue prayers for full recovery and return to strength and peace. I do still have Home Health coming in for therapies and nursing.         Much love,

Joan Hacker 

Dear Central Family,

Thank you for the many cards. It was a joy to open each one and to know that you had been praying for me. They were very encouraging.                 

Charlie Hopkins


TODAY at 5:30 pm, Central is hosting a congregational supper with a focus on sacrificial love and benevolence.

This will be a celebration of our time together in the letter of James over the last six weeks, as well as another opportunity to practice obedience to biblical teaching. James begins his letter by encouraging his readers to “not just be hearers of the word, but doers” (1:22) and he concludes his letter with a warning to the rich, specifically to those who selfishly value money over people. As a family of God serving in the city of Huntsville, we value the financial blessings we’ve received, and we strive to use our resources to help others in need.

For our meal, we’ll have soup, crackers, and water. The simplicity of the meal as well as its lower cost is intentional. Our goal is to partake in a sacrificial meal and to give what we would normally spend on a Sunday night dinner to our benevolence fund. May the Lord use this meal and the Central Family to bless those in need!



Spring Term – March 17 through June 2 – 7 pm

1.   The Gospel According to Mark — In-Person (Mask Optional) and Zoom Option

Each gospel account is a character sketch of Jesus. In Matthew we see him as King; in Luke, his humanity is emphasized as Son of Man. In John, we see him as Son of God. Mark, the shortest of the four gospels, shows Jesus in action and this action shown is the nature of a servant. “The Son of Man did not also come to be served but to serve and give his life a ransom for many” (10:45). Throughout Mark's account we see Jesus going from place to place, immediately responding to situations, just as one would expect a servant to respond. Mark is the shortest of all the gospels and can be easily read in one sitting. Our class will attempt to lift up Jesus as servant and discuss how we can follow his example and do the same.

The gymnatorium will be available for those who want to participate in person. Masks will be optional, and chairs will be configured to support as much physical distancing as desired. Class participation will be moderated to promote interaction both from the floor and from those who choose to participate online via Zoom. Teacher: Allen Wright

Zoom link:

2.   Let Your Hearts Not Be Troubled (Women Only, Zoom Only)

2020 troubled the world with fear, confusion, and mistrust as pestilence, civil unrest, and disrespect engulfed our communities. Fortunately, Christianity is a faith of hope and of certainty; of blessings independent of external circumstances. Join us this quarter as Jesus and Paul remind us that, regardless of the turmoil in our society, we can know that we are loved, protected, and blessed, and that we have the strength to love, protect, and bless others.

Wednesday evenings this Spring, the Ladies’ Bible class will study selected New Testament scriptures in detail using a variety of proven Bible study methods. The class will meet over Zoom and the majority of the class time will be dedicated to discussing what we’ve learned, so participants should be prepared to share their insights and discoveries. If you have any questions, contact Melinda Goad or Tina Palmer. If you’d like to participate, send an email to Pat Canterbury <pat(-at-)> asking her to add you to the email list that will include the Zoom link and class handouts.

Zoom link:


22 of our teens and their chaperones will be returning today around noon from their Spring Advance. Please pray for their safety and that they gained a lot from their time together.


We follow COVID Protocols – Masks are required.

March 28 – Jared & Anna Mosley (Baby Boy)

April 25 – Michael Nance & Marjie Jarvis (Wedding)

May 16 – MaryBeth Burns & Ryan Cox (Wedding)

May 23 – Jasmine Binford & Abe Dysmas (Wedding)

October 17 Jasmine Franklin & Mario Perez (Wedding)


Oh, the places Baby Mosley will go!

Please join us for a boy shower to honor

Anna and Jared Mosley

Sunday, March 28th, 2:00 – 3:30 (come and go)

407 Clinton Ave. East, Huntsville, AL

All are invited! Masks required.

Registered at Amazon and Target


Central’s Senior Sunday will be April 18th. We want to honor ALL those graduating from high school and college this year. Graduates, please fill out your form and turn it back into the office or email everything to pat(-at-) along with a picture of yourself by Wednesday, April 6th!!! If you know of anyone at Central who is graduating in 2021, please let the office know. Those we know are:

High School:  Caleb Arnolds, Sadie Austin, Andrew Baucum, Ellie Eads, Sija Headrick, Johnny Kuhn, Chris Long, Joseph Nance, and JJ Sledge.

College:          Jasmine Binford, MaryBeth Burns, Alex Callins, Rachel Franklin, Selah Thompson, and Nathanael Wade

P.S. Digital pictures are preferred but not necessary.


There is a black trash can under the back stairwell for you to place your clean, empty aluminum cans. These are collected by a gentleman, who will recycle them and give the money to Childhaven.


Chair Set-Up – Joel Moore’s Team

Counting – Alan Moore’s Team

Ushering – Yocus Jones’ Team


Chair Set-Up – Garrett Bell’s Team

Counting – Yocus Jones’ Team

Ushering – Alex Coleman’s Team