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MARCH 4, 2020


We welcome Todd Stewart, a resident at His Way, as he wishes to work and fellowship with us at Central. Please get to know him.


  Pat Canterbury requests our continued prayers for Destiny Riekeberg, a 9-year-old friend of her great-niece, Sofia. Destiny has a rare form of liver cancer. Juanita will be leaving for Birmingham tomorrow for Naomi’s all-state chorus. She is planning to go by the hospital and seeing Destiny and her family. If you have notes/cards of encouragement please give them to her tonight or you may send them to Destiny and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dustin Riekeberg, Children’s Hospital, 1600 7th Avenue S., Room 719, Birmingham, AL 35233. 

  Dean and Sandy Oden: “Please keep Daniel Chun, father of our daughter-in-love, Helen. He is suffering from kidney failure and has started dialysis. Please pray that this will be only a temporary measure and that his health will improve. Thank you.” 


  Carla Arnold: “Please pray for rapid healing and recovery for Carrie, who is home sick with the flu. Please pray that the rest of us remain healthy and have safe travels to and from Caleb’s basketball tournament this week.”

  Binfords: “Please pray for the safety and health of our foster daughter, Maria Hensley, as she teaches in South Korea.”

  James Blackman: “I would like to give thanks to God for all He’s done for us.”

  Crittendens: “Please pray for the healing of Rondell’s shoulder. He has an appointment with the orthopedic tomorrow (Monday, March 2nd). Pray that everything goes well.” (Update: Rondell will have to have surgery to repair a tear; waiting of approval for surgery date.)

  Tim Lewis: “Pray for Susan Lewis who is at home with a bronchial infection. She sees the doctor this week.”

  Unknown: “Thank you to all those who serve our church, especially those who pass out bulletins and communion. Thank you!!!”

  Our Shut-ins: Cindy Anderson, Lorraine Baker, Amelia Biser, Jamie Cole, James Hall, Barbara Hopkins, Martha Jones, Sally Mans, Johnny Powell, Louis Teague, and Bill & Sherill Townsley.

  Mothers-In-Waiting: Amanda Coleman (6/12), Rachael Sherrill (6/13), Stephanie Clark (7/10), and Angie Harrison (7/23)

Our Missionaries: Denisovs & Rahimovs (Tomsk, Russia), Kishore Etwaroo Family (Port Kaituma, Guyana), Carlos & Linda Eguizabal (Juayua & Salcoatitan, El Salvador) & YOU (Huntsville Area)


We followed  up with those who said they were interested in World Bible School on Opportunity Sunday. As a result, we added twelve more World Bible School teachers to the one we had. Two are teaching by snail mail and eleven are teaching by using the computer.

We are thankful the Gospel is being taught to interested people all over the world by those using World Bible School. If you are interested in becoming a World Bible School teacher, please contact Jim Norville or David Nance.


Wednesday, March 4

Adults will meet for a combined class in the auditorium this coming Wednesday at 7pm for an evening of reading Scripture and singing songs inspired by those passages.

Wednesdays During Spring Term 2020 – March 11 through May 27 (12 Weeks)

Classes for the spring term are largely drawn from the New Testament.

1.  New Members 101

This course is for those who have recently become Christians or placed membership with Central. It is a fundamental course on basic Biblical teachings and beliefs. It will focus on integrating the new members into the congregation and helping prepare them for works of service (Ephesians 4:12), so that they can grow and become more productive as they become more like Christ. It will cover basic Christian concepts about God’s word, faith, grace, mercy, salvation and living out our faith by using the gifts God has given us. It will also introduce them to the various ministries that are now present at Central and encourage them to participate or begin new ministries. Teachers: Gerry Binford, Jim Norville, and Allen Wright (Room 219)

2.  Unschooled and Ordinary

“When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished, and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.” (Acts 4:13). Jesus was a real man, who lived in our world and interacted with ordinary people on a daily basis. This class will take a look at ordinary people in the gospel accounts and how their lives were changed in an extraordinary way after they had been with Jesus. Facilitators: Loren Wisehart and David Nance (Room 205)

3.  Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians

Ephesians was written by Paul to strengthen and encourage the church in the Ephesus area and remind the believers of God's nature and purpose for both the Church and individual believers. The letter is a reminder that Christ is the Center of everything, and we have many spiritual blessings through Him. The class will look into not only the lessons for the early Church, but how the message and themes apply to us today. Some of the themes include what a Living Church should be, how each believer is gifted through and receives strength from the Spirit of God, how Christians should live in our community, and how our faith should work into our relationships within the Church, with our families, and outside of the Church. Teacher: Dan Spiceland (Room 200)

4.  BETTER (Ladies Only)

Dearest Ladies, how would your corner of the world change if you knew Jesus BETTER? What if you were confident of Jesus’ eagerness to shower you with the gift of BETTER? BETTER love, hope, and rest! BETTER peace, forgiveness, and assurance! How would maturing toward a deeper appreciation of Jesus’ BETTER sacrifice and BETTER covenant change the way you understand yourself, your purpose, and your influence? Join us this Spring and build a BETTER faith, a BETTER joy, and BETTER endurance as we study Hebrews.

To fully participate in this class, you will need to complete 2-3 hours of reading and homework each week and to purchase a copy of the workbook. But, do NOT let the $ stop you! We will ensure the cost is affordable to everyone who wishes to attend.

Please contact Melinda Goad if you have any questions and if you’d like to commit to this class so that a workbook can be ordered for you. Facilitator: Melinda Goad (Room 113)


MAY 29-31

Mark your calendars for May 29-31, when we will engage in a weekend workshop with Keith Lancaster, of the singing group Acapella.

We are encouraged in Ephesians 5:19 to speak to one another in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs as we make music in our hearts to God. Keith Lancaster will be bringing a team to Huntsville and to Central to provide the congregation with instruction and training on how we can improve our congregational singing and assembly time.  

As a Christian who has dedicated his life to encouraging others through song, Keith is also passionate about helping congregations grow in their unity and love for God and each other through meaningful, vibrant, and quality singing. Acapella singing, at its best, is a sweet sound to those who hear and participate in it and a sweet aroma that swells up to God the Father and Jesus.  More details about this inspirational event will be provided in the next few weeks. In the meantime, we want to encourage as many as possible to plan on attending this upcoming event and also pray that it will be successful for the Central family. 

Plan now to join us, Friday through Sunday, May 29-31 for an inspirational time together in song!

To God Be the Glory,

Ed Smith & Gerry Binford


A big THANK YOU to all of our elementary students and parents for their generous contributions for Super Cereal Bowl Sunday on February 2nd. Collectively the students donated 215 boxes of cereal! The 2nd graders contributed the highest quantity of boxes out of all the grades, maintaining the Silver Spoon Award that they earned as 1st graders. You are raising kids with such giving hearts! Some of the donated boxes will be used to help meet the needs of families associated with Central, while the remaining boxes have been donated to the Manna House.


Servants are needed to serve in the Nursery (both the Nursery and Toddlers) during Sunday Assemblies. A signup sheet is posted outside the Nursery and Toddler A classrooms or contact Cathy Farless at 256-509-3541 (text or voice) if you are willing to help.


We still need servants to sign up for a month of preparing the communion trays. The list for signing up is posted in the kitchen. This is one of those behind the scenes acts-of-service that is appreciated by everyone. If you have any questions, please contact Jim Phillips 256-417-8202.


Please use the Clinton Avenue entrance to our parking lots. The alleyway is closed. We will notify you when it is open.


Copies of the latest Tomsk Newsletter from the Rahimovs Family are available on the ledge in the Fellowship Hall.


Ushers—Yocus Jones’ Team

Counting—Alan Moore’s Team

Nursery—Mar 8—Jessica Ogle




College – FNL (6:30 pm)



Teen Time (5:30-7:30 pm)



Ladies Bible Class (10:15 am)



College – FNL (6:30 pm)



HUGS (during morning assembly)



Ladies Bible Class (10:15 am)



College – FNL (6:30 pm)



Teens – Spring Advance



Ladies Bible Class (10:15 am)



Ladies Bible Class Hosting Sonrisers’ Meal



Teen Time (5:30-7:30 pm)


Communion Thoughts: Larry Rice

Serving: Joseph Nance, Michael Nance, John Kuhn, Alex Coleman, Jonathan Goad, Walter Franklin,   Chris Pickens, Al Jones

Prayer: Rondell Crittenden