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JANUARY 9, 2019


We rejoice with the angels over 3 new births. Phillip Gibson (January 5th), Andrew Marquez (January 2nd), and Noah Perkins (January 2nd), who are all residents at His Way put the Lord on in baptism. Please welcome and encourage them.

Prayer Requests

Lorraine Baker: “God bless all my children”

Wayne Cagle: “For me and my family, and that I get to see my boys soon.”

Claudia Ford: “Prayers for our dad, Doyal Wright. He’s not feeling well today, but he and our mother are joining us via livestream.” (Update: Please continue to keep Doyal in your prayers as he is still not feeling well.)

John Glasz: “Please pray for healing and protection for my children and loved ones while I’m at His Way. Also, for me to realize and follow God’s will for me.”

Angie Harrison: “Please pray for Gabe and Mandy McCauley and family. Their daughter, Scout, passed away Saturday, January 5th, at 7 years old.”

Hussain: “Prayers for school beginning this week. Also, that God will open a door for Darren to find a better job soon.

Asher Keeton: “Help Asher for his tournament. He can’t be with the teens because his games are during Winterfest. I am sad about that. P.S. Wish me luck.”

Jamie Kuhn: “Please lift up my nursing class as we begin this next semester on Wednesday. Please pray for God’s strength to sustain us as we will only have about 9 days to recuperate from the Spring to the summer semester and 9 days from summer to next fall. Pray for Destiny, Hope, Kari, and Tori who are in my study group. I need boldness, courage, and take every opportunity to share the Gospel.”

John Kuhn Family: “Please pray for the Wood family as they leave for Greece to help in a ministry to Syrian refugees. We will miss them. Also, please keep Jennifer in your prayers as is having a scope done Wednesday morning at the surgery center to try and figure out here stomach issues.”

April McMeans: “Help my mom get better because she had the flu Saturday, January 5th.”

Michael Nance: “My basketball coach’s mom is experiencing health problems. Please pray for him and his family. I love you all. P.S. My coach’s name is Greg Ingrum.”

Adam Reid: “Please pray for my nephew, Michael Horton. They are taking him off the heart meds Sunday, January 6th. They say he needs them to live.”

Reynolds: “Please pray for Muslims who have come to Christ and been disowned by their families. Pray for their comfort, strength in faith, that they will draw their families to Christ by their example.”

Ryans: “Please pray that I can be consistent in my work and keep my commitments to my students and that God will be pleased with my work.”

Alexander Spencer: “Thanks for all your prayers regarding Maya and me. We are looking forward to premarital counseling and getting things together as a family. Please continue praying for us and our financial situation.”

Our Shut-ins: Cindy Anderson, Jamie Cole, Margie Gough, James Hall, Martha Jones, Sally Mans, Ted & Rosalie Moore, Johnny Powell, Louis Teague, and Bill & Sherill Townsley.

Mothers-To-Be: Jordan Gibbs (4/15)


Our sympathy is extended to the family of Jim Lodge (one of our visitors), who passed away Thursday, January 3rd. His funeral was Monday, January 7th. Cards may be sent to Notes of encouragement to Carolyn Posey and Cathy Kelly may be mailed to 9139 Mark Ryan Drive, Kimberly AL 35091.

Family Vacation Retreat – January 18th – 21st

The campus ministry's annual Family Vacation Retreat is here again. However, due to the damage caused by Hurricane Michael, the normal venue in Panama City Beach is unavailable this year. Instead, the event will be at the Camden on the Lake Resort in Lake Ozark, MO. This year's theme is Generations Reunion Weekend. This year is special – it’s our 10th anniversary, and we’re inviting not only current college students to attend, but alumni as well. As last year, those Central teens who are juniors and seniors are also invited to join and the campus ministry will help sponsor those that want to go. There will be a teen track with breakout classes designed for them. Rodney, our youth minister, will be going to aid in leading the trip. We really hope this will be well attended by our teens, college, and alumni.  The cost is $80 per person including a $20 deposit when you sign up. Note that cash will also need to be taken to cover meals. There will be a meeting on Wednesday, January 16, after class, for all those going.  Trip information will be discussed and needed forms will be filled out.  Note that Lake Ozark, MO is further away than Panama City Beach, hence, we will need to leave earlier than before in order to make it on time. You will need to be at the building at 6:00 AM, Friday, January 18, so we can leave at 6:30 AM. If you have any questions, interested in going, or interested in helping someone to go that is financially unable, please contact D’Mitri Lewis (904-887-4006).











Wednesday Nights “Ask Me Anything” Series

Part 2: January 23 through February 27

´ The “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) series is intended to facilitate open, respectful, and non-judgmental communications on various topics where there may be different understandings in how to apply the word of God.

´ The desire is that all attendees be challenged to weigh carefully what the Scriptures say on any given topic, while also giving grace in the areas where interpretation of the Scriptures may be less certain.

´ In each session, moderators will guide the class through discussion of six categories of questions and observations that the congregation provided in December 2018 and are generally expressed as provided.

´ Ground rules for discussion will be established on the first session on Jan 23.

´ Due to time constraints in the six sessions, questions provided in the survey but not addressed here will be addressed at a later time and/or in other venues.

´ Please carefully read through each session’s questions and come prepared to discuss based on Scripture.

Agenda for AMA Gatherings




What about Culture, Community and Outreach?


The Christian View of Modern Government and Politics


How does Central Approach Congregational Leadership?


How do we View Expression by Women in our Gatherings?


How does Central and the Church of Christ fit into the World?


Moral Living as Christians

January 23 What about Culture, Community, and Outreach?

  How should Central treat the various holidays that our culture recognizes to include: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and Halloween?

  How does Central serve the community in the way we are commanded in Matthew 25:44-46 (Other than our partnership with His Way)?

January 30 The Christian View of Modern Government and Politics

  What does the Bible say about a Christian's response to government, especially corrupt governments or government officials?

  What is a Christian to do with his vote in our "current" (last 20 years) political society? 

  How can I support/advocate the compassion and benevolence of Christ toward all (even those with whom I disagree morally) when no party seems to represent God's values? 

  How can we rise above and still be active within the right afforded us by our government? 

  How do we as Christians respond to the incidence of (seemingly) unjustified violence against minorities (e.g., African-Americans, Latinos, foreigners) by white police officers and people of authority? What does the Bible have to say about racism?

February 6 How does Central Approach Congregational Leadership?

  Why do we have just three elders?

  When do we select new elders?  What triggers this?  What should we be doing?

  How are we selecting other leaders?

February 13 How do we View Expression by Women in our Gatherings?

  Where do women fit into the public expression in our assemblies?

  Why does Central differentiate in womens participation based on different assembling groups (congregation, class, LIFE talk, etc.)?

  Did the 1st Century church make these distinctions?  Are these distinctions supported by scripture?

  Why is it ok for women to be able to speak up in 9am-10am service but not have a voice in the 10am - 12pm service?  If the concern is teaching or authority over a man, why are women allowed to share in 9am service? Are they not just "teaching" through what they share even though they don't "lead" by sitting in front of everyone? If the concern is "assembly" vs "class" time, how does the church decide what these services are called? Did the 1st century church have "class" time that made it ok for women to speak up? What about the female prophets?

  At what age are women/girls no longer allowed to pray/read scripture/lead a song in a group that has men/boys present?

February 20 How does Central and the Church of Christ fit into the World?

  What does Central view as the role of the church? 

  What is the purpose of our gatherings?

February 27 Moral Living as Christians

  Is it wrong for Christians to have opposite gender roommates/housemates?

  Is it wrong for my girlfriend/boyfriend to live in the same house if we don't sleep together?

  Is playing the lottery a sin? What about online gambling and slots machines?

  Why does the Church choose to avoid discussing the topic of sex and adultery (two topics) given the appropriate settings?

  Can I date and marry an unbeliever or someone of a different faith or denomination?  Is this being "unequally yoked" (2 Cor. 6:14)?

Meal Preparations for Friday Night Live

The sign-up list to prepare meals for the college ministry at their Friday Night Lives is posted in the fellowship hall outside of the kitchen area. LIFE Talks or individuals, please sign up. Thanks. If you have any questions, contact Carla Campbell (256) 882-6449 or (256) 665-4458.

 From the Elders – Come and Join Our Journey

Disciples of Jesus need to be clear on God’s and Christ’s vision for the church and impart that vision to others by teaching and by a life lived in humble service under the authority of the Word. This calling is much, much more than a mission. It is the greatest cause on earth. He wants to see all human kind re-establish a relationship with Him as originally intended. He has provided means for it, but He has chosen us as His instruments for getting it done.

In pursuit of our part in God’s vision, Sunday (December 30th) we spoke briefly about a unified revival and renewal journey in 2019. We spoke of working in five realms of spiritual growth: upward, inward, outward, forward, and oversight and care. However, we note that Psalms 11:3 says, “. . .  if the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?” Everyone knows if the foundation crumbles, eventually the whole building tumbles. Thus, it seems very important that we revisit our foundational beliefs as a prerequisite to beginning our journey. We have broken these into two parts:

·        Foundational Beliefs We Cannot Compromise. We cannot compromise these beliefs and remain faithful to the will of God as found in the Scriptures.

o   Reviewed in a combined class (teens and up) Sunday, January 6th. (There are copies of the document that was handed out in class available on the countertop in the Fellowship Hall.)

·        · Foundational Biblical Body-Life Principles we uphold. These are the Biblical principles that are foundational to the body-life of a local church, principles which we are called to uphold in the governing and functioning of this congregation. 

o   To be reviewed in a second combined class next Sunday (January 13), Lord willing.

The following Sunday (January 20) we plan to begin Our Journey by exploring the subject, “Upward, My Personal Walk with God.” This will start with a combined class in the gymatorium at the regular time (9:00 AM). Also, cards will be available weekly in the classes and in the bulletin that provide the focus for the week and other information to help us stay together as we proceed on this journey. 

We urge you to join with us as we pray together, study together, grow together and work together over the next several months. Pray that we can truly be God’s presence in our time and may all of this be to the glory of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The elders,

Chip, Ed, Richard

Upcoming Teen Events

February 15-17 Senior High Teens—sign up for Winterfest NOW with a $20 non-refundable deposit.

Servants Needed

To everyone who helped with Communion Preparation this past year, THANK YOU!

The sign-up list for 2019 is posted in the kitchen. This is one of those behind the scenes acts-of-service that is appreciated by everyone. Questions – contact Jim Phillips 256-417-8202.

Ladies Bible Class

Tuesday Ladies' class will begin Spring Session on January 22 at 10:15. We will open with a special class, Travels in Greece: highlights from Paul's Second Missionary Journey. After that the class will focus on the Conversations of Jesus.

The Weighted Blanket Ministry

The Weighted Blanket Ministry will have two January work sessions: 

Saturday January 19th 9:00 AM-12:00 PM

Monday January 28th 1:15 PM-4:00 PM

We'd love to have you join us for any part of those times to measure, cut, sew, and help fill the blankets for Agape foster children. Contact Terri Apgar (603-714-8642) or Della Simmons (256-288-5572).

January Team Servants

Ushers—James Ryans’ Team

Counting—Larry Rice’s Team

FLC Set Up—Steve Lowery’s Team




Sonrisers will meet (10:15 am)



College Ministry Kickoff (6:30 pm)



Combined Class – Great Journey Together (9:00 am)



Teen Time (5:30-7:30 pm)



UAH Mixer (6:30 pm)



A&M Door Knocking (6:30 pm)



College and 11th and 12th Graders – Family Vacation Retreat (See article.)



Weighted Blanket Ministry (9:00am-noon)



Combined Class – Great Journey Together (9:00 am)



HUGS (during assembly)



Teen Time (5:30-7:30 pm)



College – Game Night at The Binfords (6:30 pm)



Teen Time (5:30-7:30 pm)



Weighted Blanket Ministry (1:15 pm-4:00 pm)



College – Friday Night Live (6:30 pm)



Teen Time (5:30-7:30 pm)



Marriage Retreat (See article.)



Teen Time (5:30-7:30 pm)



College – Friday Night Live (6:30 pm)

Men To Serve Sunday, January 13

Communion Thoughts: Ed Goad

Serving: Jim Blue, Mathew Wright, James Palmer, Lee Strickland, Daniel Goad, Ronald Graham, Matthew McCauley, Jim Phillips

Prayer: Alan Moore